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Adopting Traditional Beliefs

Adopting traditional beliefs centre around the traditions perpetuated through families and societies that are a major factor in developing your belief system. We are often showered with traditions day in and day out when growing up, so they can be extremely easy to adopt, without even questioning. When you believe in a tradition, recognize that they have served some generation well. Yet it does not mean they are based in truth, nor necessarily have continued usefulness for your life.

There is a funny and telling story about a woman from a certain family where the women always cut their roasts in half prior to roasting. The third generation daughter said she did it because she understood that it made the meat more tender.

Adopting traditional beliefs: the family roast

Her mother said that she learned it from her own mom and thought it was to reduce the cooking time and save on energy usage. When the oldest woman, grandma, was asked about it, she said that the oven she had when raising a family was very small and it was necessary to always cut the roast in half to fit it in!

So not only was there a belief being passed down that it was important to cut the roast in half, the reason behind the belief was totally lost, and no longer relevant to the womens lives!

It is through family and cultural tradition that many people formulate their primary belief system.

Social culture, family bias, and societal prejudice all strongly influence formation of:

  • global beliefs such as: what God is, political theory, science, and personal value

  • topic specific beliefs: the specific religious practice to support, which political party to vote for, which sport team to cheer for

Ask yourself 'what role has tradition played in developing your belief system?'.

"We are so conditioned, so heavily burdened with belief, with tradition, with the past, that this actually prevents us from seeing or listening."

J Krishnamurti       

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