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One Aha Moment, Two Aha Moments, Three...

Don't you love an aha moment!?!

It's like a delicious sweet morsel that jumps out at you in an otherwise bland bowl of porridge. Guzzzinnggg! A taste sensation pings your taste buds and you get this ripple of delight dancing through your system.

But in this case, your personal insight serves a sweet guzzzinnggg to your brain rather than to your taste buds! It's a dynamic little wake up call triggering deeper self understanding and encouraging your personal growth.

Whatever the shape and size of your ah ha moments, they are reason to rejoice. The theme of personal realizations is that they open your eyes to something that matters to you.

It might be about people in your life, your own personal development, or anything in the big wide world that helps your understanding of the way things work.

They might sound something like:

  1. He is allergic to cats.... AH HA! .... that's why he never wants to have dinner at Carols... she has 2 feline friends.

  2. That photo of my Mom when she was 20 looks just like me.... AH HA!... that's why family friends say I remind them of my Mom or....

  3. Lately I've been finding a lot of things that are wrong with this project/company/relationship... AH HA!... I've been gathering my reasons for moving on to another adventure.

Uncovering the Important Life Lessons

Even though aha moments are rich and rewarding, they don't always feel like bearers of happy news. Sometimes eye opening moments delivering important life lessons taste a bit more like sour grapes than sweet raisins.

  1. My first aha moment in this mini series was not something that I was particularly proud to learn about myself.

    It was an insight of the third kind above... finding fault. I love starting new things, and equate new beginnings with excitement.... and freedom... and independence :). So, if I can find enough faults with something that I'm involved with, I've used that as justification for moving on.

    To justify getting 'out' I started to identify reasons that a current situation in my life really wasn't all that fantastic.

    • I noted one person not really pulling the weight of someone I would expect in their role.

    • I noted that a particular company policy is severely lacking in what I regard a key area.

  2. By identifying these shortcomings I was starting to gather my 'reasons' to justify making an exit. I was gathering my ammunition!

  3. The second of my aha moments uncovered deeper life lessons for my personal development.

    When you see something so clearly for the first time, it's natural to question how this new insight can help you.

    I gave some focused consideration to this pattern of thinking and behavior and then wondered.... what if I stayed? What if I stayed and tried to help the situation improve? Maybe I could help that person learn to 'pull his weight' better. And perhaps I could assist to further develop policy that would benefit the situation.

    And that's when the second of the a ha moments struck... I could be part of a solution! I could help build toward better outcomes.

  4. And a third aha moment in this series...

    This little series of enlightening moments just kept stringing together :).

    You've probably heard about the mind body connection and how our bodies reflect what our belief systems are supporting. Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief goes into great detail about this phenomena. Well, this incident was a perfect example for me.

    At the time of this incident, my chiropractor identified that my liver function was a bit stressed. I did a bit of further research on what beliefs and spiritual and emotional issues might be impacting my liver.

    I found that Louise Hay in 'You Can Heal Your Life' states that liver problems sometimes stem from 'justifying fault finding'. That's exactly what I was doing!

    Our bodies are a wealth of knowledge about what is going on in our head. Seeing such a direct correlation in this instance certainly encourages me to pay more attention to what secrets my body is telling.

Personal Growth and Inspiration

I reflected on my past... some jobs and relationships that I had left. I had to admit, this was definitely a pattern that I ran... instead of staying and helping solve the problems, I'm often pretty happy to just pack my bags and look for the next adventure.

Or, shall I say... I used to be before this eye opening aha moment mini series :).

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