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Andy Andrews

In The Traveler's Gift author Andy Andrews has skilfully woven an imaginary tale with powerful life lessons.

It all begins with the down and out luck of the central character, David Ponder. His career abruptly ends and new prospects to bolster his bank account are slim.

Then his daughter falls ill and he feels dark walls of hopelessness closing in on him. Walking the dangerous precipice between a glimmer of hope and devastating fear, the vision of his life as one of failure nearly overwhelms him.

And then something very unexpected happens.

In mysterious and magical ways Ponder travels through time and space. Andy Andrews draws the reader in, painting intriguing scenes and characters where David lands, from battle fields to store houses of abandoned dreams.

Through his travels, Ponder discovers powerful life lessons that allow him to understand that his life certainly needn't be a failure.

Through pivotal meetings with historical hero's and leaders, he witnesses their incredible trials and struggles and quietly measures them against his own.

He begins to understand that making success of ones own life is not about having an easy time through life, but rather about what you do with, and how you deal with, the difficult times.

As each encounter with an historical character reveals another specific characteristic, principle, or attitude that has been pivotal to their success, Ponder begins to contemplate the possibility of pulling his own life back into a manageable form. He recognizes that personal success is really about him taking responsibility, embracing his own self empowerment and taking action from that stance.

After meeting seven mentors, each having revealed an unforgettable decision that was a determining factor to each characters success, Ponder is excited to be going home. He finally understands that the seven secrets of success he has been given have the power to change his life. And, he sees that acting on these decisions may not only positively impact his own personal life, but can also reverberate dynamic results through communities and cultures, and even enlighten the course of history.

Through The Traveler's Gift, Andrews delivers a wonderful service to the reader, or listener in my case as I'm continuing to enjoy self help e audio books to buy and listen to them while I'm driving. Andrews makes it clear that through learning key concepts of success, integrating such teachings and taking action, any one of us can make our life a picture of success, and help others along the way.

As we have so often heard... it's not about the cards life deals us, but how we play them! Grabbing hold of these principles will definitely help each of us make our hand a winning one.

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