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As A Man Thinketh

Do you recognize that phrase?

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".

Itís from one of the most popular and widely distributed books in the world isnít itÖ. The Bible, Proverbs 23:7.

James Allen, a writer and philosopher in the early 1900's wrote a whole book based on this phrase. The premise is that man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.

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Our thoughts are our very own real children. We are the ones that give them birth, pay them attention and nurture them. Their growth and fruit, and our life, is a direct reflection of this.

Knowing this we might ask, why don't more of us nurture and grow happy joyful thoughts more of the time??

One reason is that for some of us, things don't seem real until we see some sort of scientific proof or physical evidence. I often fall in this category. I love science providing me with logical reasons for doing things. So I'm always thrilled to learn of research that unveils old truths and nurtures new beliefs.

Research Bears Witness

Dr Emoto, president of Water For Life Foundation, has done amazing studies of the affect of the power of thought on water.

Basically, what Dr Emoto did was to take a number of samples of water from the same water source and then treat them each to a different thought stimulus. The various stimulus he used included:

  • a spoken word
  • a word taped to a bottle of water
  • a piece of music played to a container of water
  • a silent prayer offered to water

Now this sounds rather absurd to some people, talking to water!?! Remember years ago when talking to plants became popular?

The thing is, Emoto found that water is taking notice of the stimulus, water is reacting to our thoughts, our words, our feelings. It seems to reflect what is given to it. Which I guess we shouldn't be so surprised because we can go to a still pool of water and look in and it reflects our image back.

The really exciting thing is, Emoto found a way to measure and record this reaction.

Once the water samples were treated with the stimulus by Emotos team, he would place them into a freezer and the water would create crystals, like snowflakes. He would then photograph these crystals under microscopic conditions. These images show vast differences in symmetry, depending on the "thoughts" they were given.

For example:

  • dirty water from a dam in Japan looks simply like a frozen blob
  • water from the same dam in Japan, after treated to a silent prayer, looks like a beautiful symmetrical crystal

Other researchers have since confirmed Emoto's findings, through doing double and triple blind studies. Basically this means that they organized the experiments to ensure that Emoto's results had not been found by mere chance, or through biased testing conditions.

The results were duplicatable.

The researchers agree that it appears that water has it's own understanding of human words, thoughts, and emotions, and water has a memory.

What I want to stress here is... each of us are made up of about 70% water.What effect are our thoughts having on our body??

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A group of researchers at University of Maryland have been investigating the affect of thoughts on our physiology by studying the placebo effect. The placebo effect is basically when an inert or dummy pill is given to patients and they are told that it is going to create a beneficial affect, cure, or stop their pain.

This creates the thought of "expectation" in the recipients. It's been found that these thoughts of expectation actually have physical effects on our health. Previously the positive result recorded from the placebo effect was believed to be a purely 'psychological' occurrence.

Scientists are now gathering the first direct evidence that the placebo effect actually creates a physical response. The mere thought of expecting a benefit is now recognized as being able to trigger the same neurological pathways of healing as real medication does.

"Our brain really is on drugs when we get a placebo,'' says co-researcher Christian Stohler... drugs we create for ourselves through our thoughts.

The HeartMath Institute have been doing fascinating work over the past number of years. They have found strong relationships between 'as a man thinketh', and corresponding outcomes in various areas of our lives. Their study findings include correlations of thoughts and feelings of love, compassion and gratitude, with:

  • an increase in aspects of general intelligence
  • improved intuition
  • strengthening of our immune systems

This research information supports that indeed 'as a man thinketh, so he is', and bodes extremely well for our ability to improve our lives and live more joy filled moments by empowering our thoughts.

So let's learn to make good use of this knowledge.

Tools to Empower Positive Thinking

Neuro Emotional Technique

NET is a tool that facilitates a change in physiology by releasing blocks set up by previous patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Heart Meditation

Through aligning ourselves with the energy of the heart, our thoughts, feelings, and physical beings operate at a more joyful vibration.

Now that we more fully understand the ramifications of 'as a man thinketh, so he is', may you bless yourself and your life with positive self talk!

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