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Attaining Purpose Of Life Is Gained By Asking The Right Questions

It's not surprising that attaining purpose of life is important to so many of us. Living with purpose and passion in life lightens us in more ways than one.

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."

Carl Jung

If successfully attaining purpose of life is to kindle a light, what does that mean, and how is it achieved?

The light is within you. When you activate your heart's passion, the glow begins and your life purpose reveals and manifests itself.

Your enjoyment of expressing your passion makes you shine inside as well as on the outside, to the world. Your manifestation of these true desires of your heart is your first, foremost, and pivotal contribution to the world. This is the glorious opportunity of, and purpose for, life.

attaining life purpose

Lighting Up Your Personal Mission Development

For some, it can seem a long and frustrating journey to finding life purpose.

If that's you, take a moment, and honor that frustration. The frustration is a wonderful recognition of your spirit's desire to contribute through a higher life purpose. Deep inside, there is a knowing that you are capable of more than you are being at present. Seeing that alone is a gift.

Honor and thank your sensitive heart for recognizing you are capable of more, and nudging you towards it.

Sometimes it is the 'lowest' times of our lives where the greatest breakthroughs begin. At that breaking point it can feel like we have nothing to lose, and that is a good thing to recognize. Again, it's a reminder that there is more for us in life than what we have built. In fact, we may feel like what we have built is somehow worthless.

Go easy on yourself, it just means that our hearts hold greater personal core values greater than the outer picture of accomplishments (house, car, education, job) portray. It's not that there is a thing wrong with what we have accomplished... it's simply that we recognize we have much more to contribute by attaining purpose of life through honoring our higher selves.

The feeling that suggests we have nothing to lose is a way of encouraging us to take some risks on a new path. That can be a very good thing to get us moving.

Our heart is simply pining for it's measure of accomplishments too.

Now is the time to nurture yourself toward the next step of recognizing and attaining purpose of life. This requires strong personal leadership characteristics, with full belief and trust in yourself.

Your personal core values and beliefs must be congruent and supportive of your daily activities so that you are living with integrity.

Your conscious thinking must be aligned with your subconscious power so that you are moving forward in unity, without any self sabotaging programs running in the background and over riding your efforts.

When your outer activities express full integrity with your inner desires, your mind and heart will be still and clear enough for finding life purpose.

Connecting The Current Of Life Purpose

Following through a considered personal mission development plan assures that attaining purpose of life will burn a steady bright light in your life.

It will shine from within the solid, satisfying and fulfilling home you have built for yourself. You will also have comfort, shelter, light and joy to share with others.

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