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Be Your Own Best Friend

Be your own best friend as you read this thoughtful short inspirational poem by Rhea D'souza. And, as well as reading it for your own self reflection, it's perfect for sharing with those you care about.

Just like a best friend, this poem of friendship does not insist it has the answers, nor does it ask superficial questions. Rather it asks about the secrets deep in your heart and soul.

Ponder what your own responses are, and see what you discover!

Tell Me


Don't tell me how well you can speak.
Tell me how well you can listen
To what's not said.

Don't tell me about all the hardships
That you have overcome.
Tell me about the simple things
That you have found difficult.

Don't tell me about the thunder of applause.
Tell me about the crumpling sound
Of your heart breaking.

Don't tell me about the brilliance of the sun.
Tell me about the image of the moon
Not visible.

Don't tell me about your many friends.
Tell me about your relationship
With you.

Don't tell me about all the answers that you have found.
Tell me about the questions
That you are too scared to ask.

Don't tell me what you do from morn to night.
Tell me what you do
Just after you fall asleep.

Don't tell me about all the completions
That you have made.
Tell me about the in-completions
That you have become OK with.

Don't tell me about all the great things you have written.
Tell me about all the words
Which filled the blank pages
You were reluctant to write.

Don't tell me what you will tell the world anyway.
Tell me
What you cannot tell yourself.

Rhea D'souza

© Rhea D'Souza

Comments on Poem Be Your Own Best Friend

Pro Cash said: Beautiful

Mahendra Shah said: I cannot find the right words to appreciate this poetry! Rhea, you continue to inspire me! I notice that some of the lines of this poetry I utter when I offer my friendship to people who are beginning to lay their trust in me!

Vinod said: Super :)

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