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Belief Insights

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It is widely understood that most beliefs you hold have not originated with you. Rather, you have primarily adopted what makes sense to your experience and understanding at the time. You continue in developing your belief system largely by incorporating new (largely congruent) ideas that come into your awareness.

Once you understand this, it gives you great strength to:

  • review your beliefs, and ask with nonattachment, "do they have a solid basis and do they serve you well?"

  • drop any feeling of threat when your 'adopted beliefs' seem to fall short, or come under attack.

You have accepted your beliefs based on what you knew at the time. As you learn more, it is reasonable that your belief system will undergo change and growth.

Of course now that you know your beliefs are just a collection of views and opinions that you have picked up about every little thing (and big thing!) in your life and world, it might be time for a review. One of Tony Robbins great sayings reminds us that beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Are your beliefs creative or destructive?

In this series of 7 instalments we will take a more detailed view which will reveal:

  • How you can identify beliefs.
  • How your unique window on the world affects what you believe.
  • Do you see the 'truth'?
  • What 2 main categories of beliefs impact your life.
  • The first hints of limiting beliefs you splash on your canvas of life.

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