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Your Belief System Development - 5 Methods

Before we start working with your belief system it might pay to define beliefs and to review how they develop into a cohesive belief system. You may be surprised by the answers, as although beliefs are the very foundation and building blocks of your life, the development of your system of beliefs happens almost without you being aware of it!

How Beliefs Form

From the moment you come into the world, you begin developing your belief system. And just how do you do this?

That first sentence contains a major hint of a notable attribute of developing beliefs... your system of beliefs forms from irrational input as well as rational!

Obviously as a newborn you don't have a well formed capacity for logical deduction, so developing your belief system is not necessarily a rational process. Rather, it's a process based on your experience of the world.

Whatever information comes to you in a form that you can digest, (ie. you have the necessary perception to process it), you file appropriately into your fledgling belief system.

Belief System

As you mature, your abilities and understanding expands, and ultimately you are developing your belief system based on 5 primary methods of gathering information. Only one of these stems directly from your personal facility of critical thinking!

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Five Main Reasons You Believe

It can be very helpful and enlightening to know why you believe what you do. You might be surprised to realize some of the shaky ground you have formed your belief system on.

The big 5 are:

By reading through this material on beliefs you will be beginning to uncover some of the beliefs that until now have been shaping your existence without your knowledge and a natural consequence of working with your beliefs is a desire to change or refine some of your beliefs. Changing your beliefs is natural process, one that happens all the time without you being consciously aware of it but what I am refering to her is a conscious desire to change core beliefs.

The lessons offered in my eSeries Belief Insights will provide some guidance but if you really want to become a master at embracing beliefs that empower you, other people, and the world check out Cathy's ebook on the Art and Magic of Belief.

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