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Activity To Boost Self Esteem

Here are 25 helpful suggestions to boost self esteem. Some of these self help tips only ask you to think about them and write down your response.

Others are suggested behaviors or new ways of thinking for you to integrate into your everyday life. You will find that daily self esteem activity will assist you in building new self empowering habits.

By first doing some core self help work on boosting self esteem, you'll find these exercises are even more effective.

Activities To Boost Self Esteem

  1. Start a journal. Each day identify one thing that you did or said that reflected a positive belief about yourself. By writing this down and re-reading on occasion, you will be helping yourself to build up your self worth.
  2. Writing in a journal
  3. Choose one specific personal core value that you have acknowledged in your top 10, and use it as a daily focus. For example, if honesty is one of your top values, focus on integrating honesty in all aspects of your day. Acknowledge the impact it has on your feelings and communications. Add this into your journal.
  4. Explore your personal mission and aim to live your life with purpose. Your life purpose, as defined by you, is a key to your happiness. Honoring it will also improve your self motivation.
  5. Consciously contribute. Offer to do things for people. Choose activities that you are competent with, and enjoy. This communicates your faith to yourself of your own abilities and worth. Focus on using this tip to boost self esteem at least weekly.
  6. Practice accepting responsibility, first on familiar things. Taking responsibility is a prime component of your personal leadership development. Recognize and pat yourself on the back when taking responsibility leads to success.
  7. Delete universal statements such as 'I can never' accomplish what I aim for, or 'I always' say the wrong thing. Look for the reality, for the times, however occasional, that you do accomplish what you aim for, and do say the right things. Positively acknowledge your performance in that regard.
  8. Express gratitude. Taking the focus off yourself and your perceived shortcomings can lead to marvelous things. It's said that it's impossible to be thankful and depressed at the same time. Use this tip daily to boost self esteem. It will soon have you, and probably others, feeling great!
  9. Express Gratitude
  10. Take appropriate credit for success and reward yourself, even for the little things! Journal these successes.
  11. Practice consciously stating opinions in line with your beliefs or values when communicating with others.
  12. Love yourself for who you are, warts and all.
  13. Remember, the media's aim is to sell, sell, sell. Their messages are not to you, they are aimed at your wallet!
  14. Make a list of your strengths and celebrate them. Our strengths indicate activities where we can most readily help ourselves and help others,... see 4. Consciously contribute above :).
  15. Make a list of your weaknesses. It's okay,... we all have weaknesses! Our weaknesses show where we can best utilize the help of others.
  16. When you've made a mistake, ask yourself how you might correct it, and what you can learn from it so you can do better next time. Treat it as a learning opportunity.
  17. Spend time with people who are happy, have positive attitudes to living, and high self esteem. As Jack Canfield, a leading authority on Peak Performance, says "Attitudes are catchy. Whether they're positive or negative, they're rubbing off on you." Enjoy the company of these people, ask them questions,... look to learn. This is a natural and fun way to boost self esteem, each and every week.
  18. Encourage yourself to solve problems and make decisions.
  19. Live in the present with your present beliefs and values. This eliminates dwelling on past failures which you can no longer affect. Move on.
  20. Look to appreciate everyday activities such as preparing your meal, eating, grooming. Look for what you value in those things.
  21. Paint Brushes
  22. Allow yourself some time each week to be creative in a way that you really enjoy,.. writing, drawing, painting, talking, singing, playing music, doing a hobby, dancing. Honoring your creativity is nurturing yourself. This in turn will boost self esteem.
  23. A wonderful relaxing self esteem activity is to allow yourself some time on a regular basis to simply 'be with your spirit'. Do this in any way that suits you... whether through quiet time, meditation, or being in nature.
  24. List things in your life that give you a sense of safety and security, and give thanks for them.
  25. Make notes of things or thoughts that seemed to help make you feel more worthwhile, and implement them more into your life.
  26. As you note your progress, compare yourself only to your past behavior, not to other people. This is your journey, your developing self esteem.
  27. Write down some goals for yourself. Ensure the goals are in line with YOUR desires, not your parents, best friends, partners, nor work colleagues.
  28. If negative comments are sent your way, ask yourself 'what does this person have to gain by trying to make me feel bad'? Remember, you can choose how you feel. It is only a worthwhile comment to you if you can see what you can LEARN from it. Otherwise, let it run off your back.

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