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Bruce Lipton Introduces Spontaneous Evolution

In their new work, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman suggest that the dinosaurs are going to become extinct... again.

Metaphorically speaking of course.

Spontaneous evolution is an inspiring work that serves up a new way of reflecting on where humanity has been, and where we are going.

It sheds light on three of the biggest questions in life, and how they have been answered through the ages:

  1. how did we get here
  2. why are we here
  3. now that we are here, what do we do to make the best of it

Four powerful paradigms through past millennia have pondered these questions, and served up the answers for mass consumption.

Those understandings and explanations have shaped and guided human civilization.

Lipton and Bhaerman point out that just as surely as your personal beliefs determine your character, societal beliefs lay the course of humanity.

And in an intricate dance together both levels of belief promote personal development and the evolution of humanity, while also being subject to and affected by it.

Now, a new collective paradigm is forming and we are in the midst of it. The authors elucidate on how this new paradigm is emerging; how it answers life's biggest questions; and what our role is in it.

In this cooperate effort, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman gave me a number of priceless gifts. Many were wrapped in the colorful papers of metaphors, helping me to deepen my understanding of this optimistic view of evolution.

Some were tools that I can put to use immediately, to cultivate my contribution to this development.

  • One was the fact that their insightful interpretation of human history dispelled my need to judge any of the various world philosophies, religions, governments, or economic paradigms.

    It became clear to me that every step along the way has been an experiment of sorts, a path riddled with the trial and error that promotes growth. (I had a previous lesson about the leadership quality of non-judgment on an individual level. This work drove that message home on a societal level.)

  • A second gift was the reminder of my response-ability to clear my subconscious of limiting and repressive beliefs. Options for this 'clearing' abound.

    Whether through cognitive understanding of the magic of believing, subliminal programming, neuro linguistic programming NLP, neuro emotional technique NET... this work is available and beneficial.

The story that Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman tell is eye opening, logical, compassionate, inspiring, and hopeful.

They paint a picture of an holistic future for mankind. A state of cooperation unlike any seen before. And it will call upon every 'imaginal cell' willing, to join the party and give this new life form birth.

If you are among the throng who have a sense that life is nearing the brink of a pivotal shift, and are questioning how to help navigate for a positive outcome, you will devour Spontaneous Evolution and the nurturing wisdom it provides.

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