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Bruce Lipton Outlines The Biology of Belief

When you hear about Bruce Lipton and his book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, do you think it sounds a bit like an oxymoron?

Do you wonder how biology... relating to the body, and belief... relating to our thoughts, can go together. M

Maybe you ask "How can there be a physical body based on our thoughts?" Bruce Lipton would be quick to remark, 'I'm so glad you asked!'

Lipton, a renowned cell biologist, takes us by the hand and explains how our understanding of biology began, and how it has faltered to keep pace with other discoveries within quantum physics and electro-chemistry.

We have been taught that biology is purely about our physical functions, (ex. gestation, physical growth, heart beats, breathing, etc) but that's not the end of the story.

Is it possible that the medical community, with huge ve$ted interest, has been complacent in replacing this model?

Thanks to Lipton, and a handful of other pioneers on the edge of possibility thinking, a clearer picture of the truth of biology and the power of belief, is taking shape, and it's exciting!

This work would not typically be included in a list of self help books, but perhaps it should be. Pick up this book, and learn:

  • Guess what... genes do not control biological expression!
  • Cells are subject to their environment.
  • The membrane of a cell reads information from it's environment, communicates that perception into the cell, and then the cell acts according to the perception.
  • Our cellular functions are controlled by signals sent by our perceptions. Do you know what a belief is? Yes, a perception!
  • Protein activity within our cells is moderated by energy, not mechanical parts.

The bottom line is, we are not victims of our biology, rather, it’s our thoughts that run our body. This is definitely a bold statement, and I'm thrilled to say that it is also documented science.

Bruce Lipton goes on to explain how our perceptions begin in-utero, and continue developing every day of our lives. He overviews the 3 sources for our perceptions:

  • instincts
  • subconscious programming
  • conscious conclusions

Lipton has done a great service in bringing an understanding of the biology of belief to mainstream society, and making it so accessible through clear explanation.

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