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The Celestine Vision

Although you might think The Celestine Vision 'outdated' because it was written in 1997, like so many personal development books, it's timeless.

In many regards, the world is just catching up to this one!

James Redfield is an insightful self help author with several books to his credit.

In this one, he picks up here where he left off in The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight.

He reviews previous ground covered regarding intuitions, coincidences, the responsive universe, and our control drama's, and digs deeper in each of these areas.

Then Redfield gets into some newer material. My interest was definitely piqued in the following chapters:

  • Experiencing The Mystical - Modern day society is heavily into intellectualizing everything, as we well know. In Celestine Vision James speaks of measuring mystical experiences, it's noted that knowing something intellectually is very different than actually experiencing something.

    There are some occasions where we will never intellectually know how something happened.

    The hero's journey, the monomyth pattern of experience often gives rise to such incidence. Take for example a mother who, in the face of disaster, lifted a car that had trapped her child.

    Intellectually it doesn't make sense, but she did it. We are not always privy to see all the divine threads that tie our lives together.

  • Discovering Who We Are - Maybe you can relate... as we open to a greater flow of spiritual energy and inner security, we begin to see ourselves from a higher energy perspective, outside of our ego's.

    Further, we realize that everyone of us has been doing the best he or she could have done at the time. Basically we acted based on our priorities.

    And then Redfield offers the thought that as we review back over our life, we can begin to 'join the dots' and see what we have been prepared to do.

  • Evolving Consciously - It's easy to have fun with this chapter... with explanations to help expand our perception, to notice the synchronistic events in life, and to glean the meaningful gifts from them.
  • Living the New Interpersonal Ethic - Citing a popular spiritual adage, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear", Redfield talks about how everyone is a teacher for everyone else.

    The nature of our beings and inter-relationships is such that our interactions give us our opportunities to learn and grow.

    When we are looking from our more aware center, the lessons we learn through others are likely more obvious, but aware or not.. there are lessons available through even our casual relationships.

In the final three chapters, Moving Toward A spiritual Culture, View From The Afterlife, and Visualizing Human Destiny, James Redfield sums up where we've come from, and where we might be going.

He talks about the bright hope of a new way of honoring life and one another, including:

  • A new economy (What was that about the world just now catching up with this message?!)
  • The facts that lean toward infinite possibilities
  • As our awareness grows, so does our power to manifest, and our outcomes based on ethical decisions

"Every thought is a prayer."

James Redfield
The Celestine Vision

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