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Change Core Beliefs Via 4 Avenues

You will have a solid grounding to change core beliefs that limit you or hold you back, once you understand the cycle that feeds into reinforcing limiting beliefs and behavior.

This cycle of life experience and expression can keep you going around in circles, and feeling like you are not getting anywhere.

It all begins with a stimulus. The stimulus is any and every event in
your day, week, year, life.

As life happens, you are bombarded with
input from 'out there'. With this input you create meaning and expression in your life.

4 Key Factors Perpetuating Beliefs

There are 4 factors that contribute to how you use this information. They are intricately related and create a domino affect, feeding one to another, and ultimately creating a self perpetuating cycle.

Yet, at the same time, each of these 4 factors provides a way to change core beliefs and help empower you to greater personal development, happiness, success and fulfillment.

  1. As you witness an event, you have sensory perception of what happens.

    This involves 6 senses or modes that feed in and help you make sense of the world. Traditionally, there are 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.

    A 6th sense which has been acknowledged by eastern cultures for eons is the sense of mental activity... your thinking.

    Building on this understanding that Buddhists have long respected, professionals in the field of psychology (ie. Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and human potential are now also categorizing the brain as one of the primary organs or faculties responsible for gathering stimuli for interpretation.

  2. Evaluation of the information that your senses communicate to you, is the next step.

    This is where your beliefs kick in. Remember how you develop your belief system based on what you give credence to?

    Through whatever methods you prioritize information to be worthy and believable, it is this step where you will hold the event up and analyze it according to what you believe.

  3. Depending on what your evaluation and analysis tells you, you will experience corresponding emotional and bodily sensations.

  4. Then, you will react in a physical and verbal way based on how you are feeling. Your response might take the form of words, deeds or actions.

Your reaction feeds back into number 2, your sensory perception, thereby reinforcing your experience. From there, you just keep going around the circle!

An example of this is:
A stimulus occurs as you walk into a room and 5 heads turn and look at you and begin to laugh.

  1. Sensory Perception - You see and hear the laughing faces, and recognize that the laughter is aimed at you.

  2. Evaluation - You believe that the 5 people see something ridiculous in your appearance or presence.

  3. Emotional & Physical Sensations - Your self confidence plummets and you feel embarrassed. Your cheeks get flushed and your heart starts pounding.

  4. Response - You turn around and walk out of the room, closing the door behind you. You go outside to get some fresh air, yet the laughing faces keep haunting you.

    You keep replaying the event, repeatedly thinking you must look ridiculous, looping through the embarrassment again and again.

    You are caught in your own web of limiting beliefs.

"You wrap yourself in thoughts the way a spider wraps flies in gossamer. You are both the spider and the fly, entangling yourself in your own web."

Deepak Chopra

Unless of course... you learn something new and change core beliefs, interpret the information differently, and thereby have a new reaction!

Methods to Change Core Beliefs

As you can see from the above information, your beliefs are an integral part of the loop that gives you the experience of life that you have. Your cognitive evaluation, along with sensory input and your emotional and physical reaction, dictate what your life will look and feel like.

There are powerful personal development techniques to address these 4 avenues of experience that put you on a clear path for changing beliefs.

Together, the 4 modes to address and change core beliefs spell the acronym SEER:

  1. Sensory
  2. Evaluation
  3. Emotional and bodily sensations
  4. Response

To learn about changing beliefs via these 4 avenues, get the Art and Magic of Believing eBook Course now.

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