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Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD

Clarissa Pinkola Estes has written many inspirational stories and books, and The Gift of Story is another perfect example.

Subtitled 'A Wise Tale About What is Enough', Estes asks a big question about life and how you decide to live it.

Through various characters, she introduces different ideas of 'what is enough in your life'. Is it the things you possess? Is it the peace in your heart? What do you need to do or be or have, in order to feel like you have enough... and how do you share that?

Her answers, open ended in themselves, encourage you to shine light on true wealth. You can't help but look at what is truly important in your life, and give thanks.

The characters and events in The Gift of Story are seamlessly interwoven. The meaning from one time and place is transported through eternity, and shared in another.

That power of transcending boundaries is one aspect that Estes adores about stories, and I'm in complete agreement with her. The influence of inspiring short stories is perhaps limitless.

"... stories can teach, correct errors, lighten the heart and the darkness, provide psychic shelter, assist transformation and heal wounds."

Clarrisa Pinkola Estes PhD

Pick up this 30 page inspirational story and let it's subtle magic touch your heart and soul. And be inspired to weave your own short inspirational stories and share them to lighten the paths of others.

You can also read a few of my own true inspirational short stories, written to encourage personal development.

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