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Dealing with Stress

We all experience some degree of stress in our lives, so we are all dealing with stress at some point. Some of it is positive and helps us to be more productive but generally it is not a good thing when most people talk about being stressed.

What is Stress?

what is stress

If you have been looking seriously at how to manage the signs and symptoms of stress, what is stress is a question that makes a great deal of sense. There are so many stressed people in the world that don't seem to be managing stress well.

Stress Symptoms

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms are widespread in western society... perhaps even more pervasive than you think.

Most people have experienced a mild or severe stress headache, or know someone who has. And everyone is likely familiar with the idea of not being able to sleep or eat due to stress.

Main Causes of Stress

Main Causes of Stress

What are the main causes of stress, and do you have any influence over them?

Well, most people think that events in life are the primary sources of stress. This is the common belief. However, as you know, 'common' is not always 'correct'.

How to Relieve Stress With Certainty

how to relieve stress

You are not alone if you sometimes feel stressed and wonder how to relieve stress

the majority of the population of the western world suffer from stress to some degree. The good news is dealing with stress is not as difficult as you might think.

What Causes Stress?

what causes stress

When you ask 'what causes stress', the simple answer is that challenges cause stress.

Something has changed or been introduced that you now have to deal with. It's challenging you on a physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual level, and you are having to adjust to it.

Eustress is Positive Stress

what causes stress

Eustress is the technical term for positive stress. Yes, good stress does exist.

It's health promoting, feels good in some way, and delivers a positive outcome. And, there are things you can do to encourage more of your stress to fall in the category of 'good stress'.

Main Cause of Stress

main cause of stress

Many people are quick to list things like difficult bosses, horrendous traffic, and not enough money as their main causes of stress.

But, be assured those events are not the culprit. These situations appear as obvious trigger points, so it's easy to think they are the cause.

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