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Developing Intuition Helps You Tune Into Life

When you are developing intuition it's like tuning your personal receiving antennae.

Turn it this way and that... check the reception and the messages you are getting. Orient it at the just the right angle for strong clear messages to make their way through. And make sure you re-align it if turmoil and upsets cause the signal to weaken.

Most people wonder at some point, what is intuition, how can it help me, and can I further develop it?

These queries have often been shunned by society, and now seem to be gaining a bit more acceptance. People are realizing that intuition is a natural ability available to all to assist in holistic personal development. This is creating an environment to openly share intuitive perceptions.

Benefits Of Developing Intuition

  • It provides another check system to help confirm you are on the path you most want to travel.
  • Intuition is a valuable self development technique that you can learn and use for yourself without expensive training.
  • Intuitive perceptions may alert you to avoid danger.
  • With psychic development, some people experience intuitive messages that help other people as well.
  • You gain a more intimate connection and greater trust in communicating with your higher power.

Value and heed the messages you receive... and be grateful for the source of life inspiration from whence they come.

Easy Steps For Developing Intuition

Intuition enters our life most dynamically in response to emotionally charged situations. If something is extremely important and heartfelt to you, it is more likely that intuitive perceptions will occur around that subject.

Keeping this in mind will assist in keeping these exercises and their results in perspective.

  1. Encourage your intuitive perceptions by inviting them. Get in the habit of daily asking the power of the universe to give you some guidance. Ask life to indicate some sign about the best way to proceed with a situation.

  2. Look for any possible clues to the answers to your queries, and acknowledge them.

    Did you remember any dreams and what might they have meant?

    What are your physical senses telling you? How do you feel? Do you see, hear, smell, or taste anything particular that spurs recognition, or a thought or action that seems appropriate for you?

    Are there synchronistic occurrences in your life, and what might they mean?

  3. Appreciate all intuitive guidance that you recognize. Revel in the wonder of receiving helpful messages in response to your heartfelt requests.

  4. Exercise your developing intuition by heeding it. When you recognize an intuitive nudge, act on it. If you are uncertain about acting on it, identify your options.

    Ask yourself:

    • What will my path and outcome look like if I don't act on it?
    • What will my path and outcome look like if I do act on it?

    Thoroughly imagine the outcome of each. What do the separate paths feel and look like?

    Which will move you in the direction of your dream? Travel the one that is right for you.

  5. Practice identifying and deciphering symbolic and metaphorical meanings. When you see a distinctive object, shape, or the uncommon appearance of an animal, ask yourself what it might represent.

    What are the predominant traits of that particular thing, and could that bear any meaning in your life or present situation?

  6. Since intuitive awareness develops from beyond our 5 senses, beyond logic, knowledge, and memories... explore creative ways to invite different input into your consciousness. Temporarily alter some of the little habits that have instilled specific patterns in your life.
    • Limit the use of one or more of your senses in a safe environment.

      Close your eyes while typing, watching television, or walking (slowly :) from one room to another in your house.

      Wear earplugs for a few minutes at the park, or sports center.

    • Mind gym exercises are fun and useful:

      Practice brushing your hair with your opposite hand.

      Cross your arms in the opposite manner to what you normally do.

  7. You might want to set up some fun little exercises.
    • When the phone rings, imagine who you think it might be before you look at the number or pick it up to speak to them.
    • When you are communicating with someone, imagine what they might say next.

  8. Be ever alert to your reaction to intuitive nudges. Your logical mind may want to assess where and why they have appeared.

    That's understandable, as logic plays a strong role in our lives. Just be conscious of any part of you that tries to belittle the messages, negate them, or second guess them.

    This might be your ego resisting to fore-go it's power.

  9. Monitor your developing intuition, your thoughts about it, and it's helpfulness in your life. You might enjoy keeping a record of this in a Transformational Touchstones journal, and have it to review weeks and months later.
  10. Spend quiet time in nature or meditation, focusing on developing your intuition. If it is important to you, this will help nurture it. Directing energy to it assists in further tuning your receptors, and receiving from the highest frequency available.

    Intuition is another way that the spirit and soul communicate. Enjoy developing intuition, as it is a valuable step in our personal spiritual growth.

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