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Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed?

When you are walking the track of personal development, feeling emotionally overwhelmed at times is one of the potential obstacles. You may feel that there is so much to know, do, or be in life, and sometimes it all seems insurmountable.

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Do these sound familiar:

  1. so many interests, so little time - you have so many ideas of what you want to accomplish, yet your days are full just pursuing a handful of them

  2. dreams seem so far away from your present position - I just experienced this one over the weekend while I was putting my vision scrapbook together. So many lovely visions, and
    they all seemed so far away
    from my present reality.

  3. information overload - your email inbox is full to overflowing, not to mention the number of books you are in the midst of reading, and the courses you are taking

  4. commitment overload - your time is fully committed and you feel you have no 'me' time

  5. you see others accomplishing so much more than you - comparing yourself to other people who are ahead of you on the track can make you feel you are unable to catch up with where you want to be

The impact of any of the above scenarios can easily leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed. A constant companion of feeling overwhelmed is being tired... feeling exhausted even. You go to bed tired, and might wake up feeling just as tired in the morning.

What's The Basis of Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed is a type of stress. You will probably also enjoy reading 'what is stress for?'.

Basically, if you are experiencing being overwhelmed, you somehow believe there is 'too much' and somehow you are, or have, 'too little'. Let me explain....

Looking at the examples from above, you believe:

  1. your interests are 'too much' for you to achieve because you have 'too little' time

  2. your dreams seem so big and far away from your present little state

  3. there is too much information for you to take in, in the time you have

  4. you have committed too much of your time, leaving you with too little for yourself

  5. you feel lacking when you see other people who are well ahead of you in doing what you want to do

The Answer to Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed

Fortunately there are easy fixes to this draining state.... and it is more than simply plugging the drain! The answer is twofold:

  1. Recognize the draining thought pattern, and address it - You always know, have, and are enough in the present moment.

    You are in exactly the right place at the right time... for you. The circumstances you are dealing with (ie. such as the job you have, the home you live in, the commitments on your time) are the circumstances that you have prioritized in your life to take you where you want to go.

    Recognize and appreciate this personal leadership trait that you are already practicing. You are on the way at your divine individual pace!

  2. Support your systems:

    • Stop your mental racing around - practice mindfulness meditation or heart meditation for 30 minutes per day
    • Give your physical body the best advantage - feeling overwhelmed has a direct link with the adrenal function in our bodies... they impact one another (ie. feeling overwhelmed places new demands on adrenal glands, and low functioning adrenals feed into our feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed).
    • Two diet tweeks to help get back up and be full of zest are:

      1. Eliminate caffeine - Coffee, strong black tea, caffeinated soda drinks all place heavy demands on your adrenal function. In the short term you feel an energy boost, however when you are in a state of being overwhelmed, your adrenals need the rest.

      2. Consider your nutrient levels - Of course a great organic diet offering all the nutrients your body loves is the way to go. When you suffer from feeling overwhelmed, you might find as I have that a good Vitamin B supplement is very helpful.

    This recipe has worked wonders for me to bring me back to my peaceful yet lively energized self, and hopefully it will also be helpful to you.

    If you would like to discuss this, or any other personal development topic, check out my life coach for personal development options.

    Recently I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed and this quote from Abraham - Hicks landed in my email inbox. It reiterates: you are in the right place, taking in what you are ready for, and the Universe is supporting you.

    "Overwhelment is about you not being up to speed
    with what you told the Universe that you want.

    The Universe is yielding to you.

    You're just not ready to receive it right now."

    Abraham - Hicks

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