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Finding Happiness - 9 Building Blocks for Authentic Happiness

There are some vital basics on how to be happy, yet they are often overlooked in our fast paced world.

Take note of the following 9 keys. They nurture your overall health, well being, and your holistic personal development. Practice these and you'll be scoring high on the authentic happiness quiz.

What Makes People Happy?

The primary answer to 'what makes people happy' is that 'people make themselves happy'!

"Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design."

Jim Rohn

There may be many things that augment your happiness, but ultimately you are responsible for creating your own happy ethos to start with. And there are definite things you can do to cultivate and raise your authentic happiness quotient. Follow the steps below and you'll be joining the dots on this how to be happy exercise.

9 Building Blocks for Authentic Happiness

Treating your body and mind the way it loves to be treated is a vitally important key in how to be happy.

You don't put polluted petrol into your car, nor do you expect it to run on an empty tank, so don't expect yourself to find the key to happiness if you don't give your body and mind what it needs!

These 9 points are dynamite for lifting your spirits and your overall general well being.

  1. Sun, Glorious Sun - Get fresh air and sunshine every day. Sunshine has been highly underrated in the past few years as many people became paranoid of the negative affects of burning. Never the less, sunshine is the greatest supplier of a vitamin that we cannot live without, Vitamin D.

    In the Sunshine

    And, wouldn't you know it... Vitamin D is a dynamic contributor to happiness, sometimes referred to as a happy vitamin. If you or anyone you know has suffered from SAD (Seasonal Affectove Disorder), you will be well aware of this important key to happiness.

  2. Take a drink - Of water that is! Your body is made up of about 70% water. Imagine if your cells and molecules are swimming happily one day, and the following week they're trying to make their way through a desert. Yes, knowing how to be happy can be this easy... drinking clean fresh water each day is vital to maximizing your happiness quotient.

    You can get a general idea of how much water is the right amount for you to drink by taking a quick water quiz. (Make sure you don't drink fluids from plastic bottles that have been in the heat - research shows that fluids can leach harmful things out of some plastic bottles.)

  3. Kick Your Heels Up - Exercise is a vibrant stimulant for your happiness chemicals. Jasper Smits, director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University has reported that exercise plays an important role in helping you grasp your keys to happiness.

    He succinctly states,
    "Exercise appears to affect, like an antidepressant, particular neurotransmitter systems in the brain, and it helps patients with depression re-establish positive behaviors."

  4. Eat well. Fresh foods, organic if possible.

    Wean yourself off a diet of predominantly processed foods, and replace with raw and freshly cooked.

    Combine lots of vegies, fruit, protein, some dairy and grains and give thanks for the goodness and abundance you have.

    How to be happy with healthy food choices

    When you share this key on how to be happy you will also be spreading good news for our environment... less chemicals and artificial fertilizers make for a happier habitat.

  5. Is That a Silver Lining You See? -
    Look for the best in a situation. Even in dismal circumstances, there is invariably something to learn and benefit from. Practice positive selftalk and positive personal affirmations.

  6. Give Yourself a Rest and Relaxation Prescription - It's no secret that people are renowned for getting 'tired and grumpy'. You can translate the opposite traits to being 'well rested and happy'. Take heed,... get your sleep and enjoy time for relaxation.

  7. You Mean It's Not All About Me? - Spare a thought or two for some of the other 6 billion plus people in the world. When researchers asked 'what is happiness correlated with?', meaningful relationships with others showed a strong correlation.

    You might find that when you reach out to help someone else, and forget about yourself for a while, then life's goodness shines through a bit brighter.

  8. Appreciate Your True Wealth - Authentic happiness and wealth is not about the money... people have differing amounts and happiness is not dependent on that. Neither is it about the 'time' you have.... everyone in the world has exactly the same amount of time, yet some are happy and others not. Explore what your true wealth is and savor it.

  9. Mix your Personal Recipe for Happiness - It's time to turn up the heat and bake up your personal recipe for happiness once you've started to integrate the above points into your daily routine. Your personal recipe is full of what you love about yourself and your life.

    When you mix your values, passions and highest purpose into your daily life, your authentic happiness will naturally rise and get richer! You'll be a living example of how to be happy.

Follow the steps above and you will find that there is no secret regarding how to be happy in life. A lot of it stems from being good to yourself and others, and happiness naturally co-exists in that environment.

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