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Succeed In Finding Life Purpose Now

For finding life purpose true to you, turn the magnifying glass of powerful questions on yourself. The answers to creating your life purpose are waiting within you.

finding life-purposeBy asking your conscious logical mind the right questions, all will be revealed.

When you do find and acknowledge your higher purpose, you'll likely get confirmation from an inner knowing. Tears of joy commonly verify the findings.

Spilling from the bottom of your heart, tears give thanks for your recognition of life purpose.

Three Ways To Finding Life Purpose

  1. If you have succeeded in finding your passion, then it is only one simple question to discover your life purpose.

    That question is:

    • "Why?" Why do you want to act on that particular passion?

    This is another way of saying, "What is your intention by taking that action?"

    I experienced this. I was having a conversation with a life coach, expressing my passion for sharing an understanding of the hero's journey, the monomyth, and how it relates to our modern world and life.

    He cleverly slipped in 'the question'... he asked what my intention was in doing this. Tears quickly flooded my eyes as I expressed my hope to encourage and inspire people to live in line with their hearts calling.

  2. People without clear purpose and passion in life often experience a lack of enthusiasm, and feelings of despair. There is a good thing about this despair... you can build a bridge from it leading directly to your rich and rewarding purpose.

    A friend once confided that she recognized a part in her that didn't really want to be here. That's a desolate place. This was an expression of an 'emptiness' at her core, and it echoes what many experience.

    It is likely that the respondents to an ABC News/Wall Street Journal survey in 2006 felt a similar lack of direction and enthusiasm in their personal mission development.

    The survey results indicated that 50 percent of the US workforce would look to pursue a different line of work if they felt they had the opportunity. Well, the opportunity is NOW and is available to everyone.

    In this instance, finding life purpose requires you look at 'what will appease that empty part... that part that doesn't really want to be here'.

    Ask that part;

    • What would need to happen for it to feel like it would love to stay?
    • What would need to happen for it to feel like it was worthwhile being here, that it was contributing in a powerful and valuable way?
    • What would actually bring it joy?

    These answers declare the purpose required to satisfy your soul. The heart and soul demand these answers to be at peace, as does your consciousness.

    All know that creating and attaining purpose of life is fundamental to personal fulfillment. Listen openly for these answers.

  3. Another excellent method for identifying and attaining purpose of life is presented by Gay Hendricks in his eye opening book and dvd, 5 Wishes.

    Hendricks suggests that you consider just for a moment, being on your deathbed. Ask yourself these very telling questions at that point in time;

    • Looking back over your whole life, 'was it a complete success'?
    • If you respond yes, then query 'what was the one thing that made it a success'?
    • If your answer is no, then ask 'what would the one main thing be that would have made it a complete success if you had achieved it'?

    The book and dvd obviously cover this process in more depth. The essence remains the same; this answer points very clearly at something extremely important to you... important enough to fulfill your purpose for life.

    Find a way to take action on it!

By finding life purpose, you are honoring your deepest nearest dearest heartfelt truths and desires.

Congratulations! Your life's work from this point on will be your celebration.

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