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Free Personal Development Tools

Free personal development tools are abundant and often right in front of our noses. They fall into two categories:

  1. Life events playing out every day giving us continual opportunity for learning and growing
  2. Personal development resources created by other people

Think about the very earliest personal development 'gurus' and how they went about self development. There weren't a lot of weekend self development seminars on offer for Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Eastern philosopher Confucius between 400 BC - 300 BC.

Neither did Wallace Wattles (The Science of Being Great) and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) have an abundance of other peoples resources to draw on around 1900.

These people drew on life for their personal growth. They learned from experience, debated with friends and acquaintances, and found mentors where they could. They may well have also practiced some ancient disciplines proclaimed to help people identify their direction in life and find greater fulfillment.

These disciplines still don't cost anything to privately practice today:

  • Dieting and fasting
  • Breath and energy exercises, stretching, postures, (ie. yoga, tai chi, martial arts)
  • Sexual abstinence, or tantric sex
  • Contemplation
  • Meditation
  • Prayer and pilgrimage

To learn how to do any of the above 7 practices you can likely go to a public library and read instruction manuals on how to do them. Libraries now also carry recordings of audio and video courses and seminars on a variety of topics you may be interested in.

In summary, places you can find free personal development resources include:

  1. Every day events - Each day ask yourself what you can learn from your experience of life that day. What did you see, feel, taste, touch, hear or think that can help you better understand your world, your self, or others?

  2. Friends and acquaintances - Ask them what they are learning, and sit together discussing what each other thinks about life

  3. Mentors - Research and ask around to find someone who is achieving goals in your field of interest. Contact the person and ask if you can have a chat, saying you admire their success and would love a few minutes of their time. Take a list of pertinent questions you think they can help with. If you find you admire them, their values and methods of achieving their goals then offer to do some work experience for them.

  4. Library - Borrow books, and audio and visual resources (ex. CD's, DVD's)

  5. Internet - Read blogs and articles, and ask questions and participate in forums. You can also jump onto www.meetup.com/ and find a group to join in your vicinity that interests you.

When you've sourced and are underway with your self development tools remember there is one more thing that money can't buy that you'll need...


Please share information on where to find other free personal development resources and you'll be helping fellow travelers on the path of personal growth.

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