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Guy Finley - The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Guy Finley is a thinker... a deep thinker. Happily for us, he shares his thoughts, and as well he offers complimentary self development resources, as you see
to the right :).

Guy has written the thought provoking book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, to help set us free from illusion.

You might say it's a road map out of the matrix.

In 40 meaty essays he explains key lessons necessary to rise above the dust clouds of fear, stress, anger and loneliness, and embrace a life of peace and calm.

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Is it simple to 'rise above'? Well I did have to read some of the essays a second time... but some of that was also because I was savoring them :).

The short answer is yes, it is simple, and like many things... not always easy. Is it easy to always be a loving human being, acting from your highest vision of humanity and morality?

It takes personal practice, like most things. Just like lifting weights for physical fitness, you don't see your muscles grow by simply hearing about the effects of weightlifting. You have to apply what you learn... over and over, day in and day out, month in month out. Or you might say, you just have to apply it NOW. Remembering of course to always live in the present NOW.

What is offered in this personal development book is not a 'quick fix' that you might get from a band aid or medicated solution. Rather, Guy Finley gives you the essential laws necessary for you to achieve inner peace. It's up to you to lift the weights.

Guy's perceptive teachings outline:

  • Specific common illusions that we embrace, and that throw us into turmoil in our minds.
  • The clarity that allows us to see through the illusions, and think and act in empowering ways.

"Discover your true purpose on earth.
Participate in creation.
Live peace. Love without fear.
Give yourself what you really want."
Guy Finley, Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Guy is compassionate and understanding as he dishes out some tough love here. Read these insightful key lessons on the laws of life, take them on board, and put them to work in your own life.

You will then be living a conscious relationship with life, and as well, you will be automatically sharing these golden nuggets with others.

You can purchase this enlightening book on the laws of life direct from Guy, and receive other great gifts. Just click here on Essential Laws of Fearless Living, and then click on Books about half way down the page.

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