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Happiness Quiz

This authentic happiness quiz helps measure 5 factors that are key in understanding how to be happy. Much research has been undertaken to answer the question what is happiness in life, and the following questions are based on those findings.

The five key areas impacting authentic happiness in life include: your social life of relationships; attitude; what you occupy your time with; health; and financial wealth.

After you take this fun quiz, you will be shown the cumulative answers given by all the people that have participated. And you will also be directed to a page of 20 exercises on how to be happy, based on the 5 categories that impact a persons level of happiness.

Take the Happiness Quiz

Rate each of your answers on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being 'Not at All' and 10 being 'Yes, Absolutely'

Once you have answered all the questions, count up your total score and indicate which range it is in from the options listed at the end of the happiness test. When you click the 'Results' button, a new page will open with an overview explanation of your score, and a link to the exercises to help you learn how to be happier in life.

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Please recognize that the scores are not in any way a professional measurement of psychological health.

This Happiness Test is simply a combination of relevant questions that I understand correlate well with happiness.

It is my hope that your score, and the supplementary information, will be helpful to you in assessing what areas of personal development you can expand your knowledge or experience in, and become happier.

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