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High Self Esteem Leads To Greater Life Happiness

Developing high self esteem is a dynamic process with bountiful returns. The rewards include rich life satisfaction for yourself, as well as contributing value to the world. With healthy self esteem you will confidently engage in life and welcome challenges,.. the good, the bad and the ugly!


Individuals with healthy self esteem know that they are fundamentally able to face whatever life serves them, and they know they are worthy of whatever life graces upon them. They have a sureness of their inner strength, their self worth, and they know they are instrumental in creating their own outcomes.

This is achieved through self understanding of personal core values and beliefs, and how they integrate into our whole being.

There is a powerful interaction between our conscious thoughts and subconscious programming at play here. Integrating the knowledge of this into our lives pole-vaults us ahead to self empowerment.

High Self Esteem:

  • is an inwardly focussed positive affirmation of oneself
  • implies confidence and trust in personal abilities
  • is ready to cope with life challenges and decide on the right actions to take
  • welcomes everything that you desire into your life, knowing you are worthy of it
  • allows the admission mistakes and failures with peace rather than fear
  • acknowledges weaknesses as well as strengths
  • shows emotional resilience
  • accepts criticism and evaluates it for personal development, with no need to react defensively
  • comfortably shares the joys of achievement and success
  • looks at life's events as learning opportunities
  • expresses itself through a peace with self and life
  • allows confident contribution to communications and relationships
  • allows a fearless openness, knowing one has the skills to evaluate new situations, people, and ideas as they arise
  • supports life, encouraging win-win outcomes for all
  • has a realistic view of what one can change, and acceptance of what one cannot
  • looks at self and life with honesty, accepts what is observed, and acts on it
  • has no need to judge self or others
  • accepts responsibility for thoughts and actions
  • permits one to be present in the moment, as there is no need to worry about the past nor the future
  • encourages goal setting and persistence, as there is confidence in the ability to create ones own outcomes

High self worth is in part a reward unto itself,... it feels great!

As you reflect on some of the above traits, you can see they work hand in hand with a positive Self Concept and Self Motivation. All are necessary and worthy contributors to a successful and fulfilling self empowered life.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Answering these questions in regard to your work will hint at where you are on the scale of healthy self esteem:

  • Do you feel:

    1. passionate about your work
    2. is it 'somewhat' interesting
    3. are you just 'biding time'
  • Is your work in line with your values? Do you have the opportunity to

    1. express or demonstrate your values through your work
    2. are your values unrelated to your work
    3. must you deny your values at your work place
  • Do you apply yourself to your work

    1. 100%,
    2. 75%,
    3. 50% or less
  • Is your heart in it, or would you rather be doing ......? (fill in the blank)
  • Do you believe your work allows you to contribute to the world as you would like to?

This example should give you an idea that life is constantly offering the opportunity for developing self esteem. If you don't like what you see in your answers, it's probably time to seek self esteem help. The opportunity is ever present to make changes to live more in line with your beliefs and values. These insights, coupled with an understanding of subconscious programming will positively boost self esteem.

High Self Esteem Correlates

Academic studies in the field of Psychology have suggested compelling reasons for developing high self esteem.

In 1995, Edward & Marissa Diener, psychologists at the University of Utah, surveyed more than 13,000 college students in a study of correlates to life satisfaction. High self esteem emerged as the strongest factor in overall life satisfaction. (published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 68, 653-663.)

In 2004 Sonja Lyubomirsky, Chris Tkach and M. Robin DiMatteo of the University of California at Riverside reported data from more than 600 adults ranging in age from 51 to 95. Their study indicated that happiness and self-esteem were closely tied.

Joachim Krueger, associate professor of psychology at Browns University, and faculty* from three other universities reviewed more than two decades of objective research studies on self-esteem (of which there are some 15,000 articles). They undertook their study at the invitation of the American Psychological Society. The task force found benefits of high self esteem included pleasant feelings and enhanced initiative. It was seen to have a strong relationship to happiness and low self-esteem more likely than high to lead to depression under some circumstances. Those with high self esteem were also found to exhibit more persistence at tasks.

*Roy F. Baumeister, Francis Eppes Professor of Psychology at Florida State University; Jennifer D. Campbell, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver; and Kathleen D. Vohs, postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utah.

Heathy Self Esteem Helps Boost Personal Development

High self esteem plays an important role in positively impacting our personal effectiveness in communications, relationships, and contribution. It certainly contributes powerfully to self empowerment, our foundation for inspired personal development.

Creating this strong and stable groundwork prepares us for courageously stepping up and realizing our greatest potential. With a sure sense of worth through personal leadership development, we are able to endorse the meaning and purpose we find and give in life.

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