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How to be Happy in Life

Learning how to be happy in life is easy. First, take the Happiness Quiz to get some reflection on your present state of happiness in life. Then, come back here and put the following 20 tips for happiness into practice.

The quiz is a fun step, and will help you to easily understand how to be happier.

It's important to realize there is no secret of how to find happiness... it just takes a bit of understanding, focus and action.

Knowledge certainly helps so become more familiar with the 5 categories of life experience that form our foundation for being happy. Read 'What is happiness in life correlated with?', and you'll see the answers revealed through the 5 categories.

How to be Happier - Practice Tips For Happiness

Following are 5 categories of exercises on how to be happy. Each category has a quick tip you can do in 1 minute; another exercise for being happy that might take you up to 60 minutes; something new for you to introduce into your life to increase happiness; and finally an ongoing practice tip to build on your foundational understanding of how to be happy.

When you read through the categories, identify the ones where your score on the happiness quiz were low. The information in those categories will be your most valuable in acquiring greater skills in how to be happy.

  1. Three of the questions in the happiness test have to do with relationships in your life. They touch on love and meaningful connection.

    These four tips on happiness play on those aspects of your life:

    1. 1 minute tip - Think about someone you love, and send them your heartfelt wishes
    2. 10 - 60 minute exercise - Practice opening your heart to feeling and sharing greater connection through heart meditation
    3. Introduce into your life - If you lack a close connection with others, find a group to join that shares your interests
    4. Ongoing practice - Cultivate your relationships weekly by getting together and doing something with people in your family, group or community and encourage the best in them through positive reinforcement.

  2. Two of the questions in the happiness quiz relate to your thoughts and beliefs... your attitude toward life.

    When you truly understand how to be happy you will realize that the key to happiness is in your own back pocket.

    If you feel like someone else, or something else is holding it, it's a good time to reconsider your understanding of authentic happiness.

    1. 1 minute tip - Smile and say something you appreciate about yourself when you look in the mirror.
    2. 10 - 60 minute exercise - Identify an attitude you have that 'brings you down' and consider what positive there is for you to gain by altering the way you think about it. Example: I'm too fat!
      Opposite = I'm just fat enough to actually do something about improving my health. Then come up with a goal and plan to move toward the empowering outcome.
    3. Introduce into your life - Develop your self empowerment and take greater personal responsibility of your life through questioning 10 beliefs you hold that do not serve in making your life a joy. A great place to start is taking the free eCourse on Discovering Your Beliefs. If you know addressing your beliefs is pivotal to your happiness and fulfillment in life, then jump right into the Art and Magic of Believing eBook Course.

      Other tools to help, include working with a life coach for personal development, or attending a self development seminar that appeals to you.

    4. Ongoing practice - Practice positive self-talk and positive personal affirmations

  3. Three questions from the quiz on happiness reflect on happiness in your everyday activities.

    Whether you occupy yourself with paid work, retirement activities, home making, or hobbies, isn't really the issue... how to be happy doing any of them is the thing you want to know.

    It's the meaning you assign to the tasks you spend your time on that has a bearing on the integrity you feel in your life, and your happiness.

    1. 1 minute tip - Say thank you for the true wealth you have in your life
    2. 10 - 60 minute exercise - Reacquaint yourself with the joys of doing a random act of kindness and then come back and tell us about your practicing a random act of kindness, and how it made you feel
    3. Introduce into your life - Develop your understanding of the things that are the most important in your life. Explore your passions, personal core values, life purpose, and your priorities through developing your personal mission and personal mission statements
    4. Ongoing practice - Regularly review your personal development planning and ensure your course is charted toward goals that are in line with your passions, values, and purpose.

  4. Three questions in the happiness test revolve around physical health.

    Bolster this, and your propensity for happiness will increase. Physical exercise releases 'feel good' chemicals in our brains, and greater health and vitality lessens our likelihood to fall ill.

    1. 1 minute tip - Say 'No thank you' when offered sugar laden snacks, and then bask your face in the warm sunlight
    2. 10 - 60 minute practice - Go for a walk or jog in the fresh air
    3. Introduce into your life - Find local suppliers or outlets of whole organic foods, and change your habits to enjoy healthy meal plans that fit your lifestyle
    4. Ongoing practice- Replace junk food drinks and snacks with fresh water (filtered to remove poisonous fluoride and chlorine) and whole foods like nuts, seeds, fruit, or vegie sticks.

  5. One single question of the quiz to help assess happiness in your life is about money and happiness.

    Why just one question?

    It's well founded that mountains of money do not have any strong correlation to heaps of happiness! In discovering how to be happy you'll find it's not about the money per se, but more about what you perceive the money will do for you.

    These four exercises are designed to help you find greater harmony and happiness with your financial life.

    1. 1 minute tip - Create, and say a positive personal affirmation regarding your financial life. Example: Every day in every way I'm managing my finances better and better.
    2. 10 - 60 minute exercise - Recognize the true wealth you have in your life, list 5-10 treasures in your life that money cannot buy, and give thanks for them
    3. Introduce into your life - Develop a greater understanding of what stress is and how you can use it for your personal development. The complimentary ebook "What is Your Successful Stress Management Counting On?" available with Transformational Touchstones delves into this with you.
    4. Ongoing practice - Regularly review your personal core values and priorities and see where your values around finances and money appear. Ensure you have accounted for them appropriately in your personal development goals and plans so that you are heading in the direction you want to go.
  6. Please share your thoughts on the Happiness Quiz, and your feedback on these exercises for practicing how to be happy in life.

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