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How to Relieve Stress With Certainty

You are not alone if you sometimes feel stressed and wonder how to relieve stress... the majority of the population of the western world suffer from stress to some degree. The good news is that stress management is within your grasp.

First, if you haven't yet read the article what is stress for you might want to start there. Next, it's great to take a closer look at what causes stress.

By truly understanding these concepts, you are half way to the real cure for stress.

How 'Not' to Overcome Stress

According to a survey carried out by the UK’s National Stress Awareness Day, seven out of ten of the UK population believe that they are suffering from stress. This figure rises to almost nine out of ten 25-34 year-olds. Those figures indicate that 70-90% of the population recognize that they suffer stress symptoms.

Naturally, people want to know how to relieve stress symptoms and the associated discomfort. In pursuit of that, most people look to treat the 'symptom', and don't look beyond that.

I think you will agree that it is futile to only treat the symptom of anything... yet that is definitely the most common way to deal with stress. You go to your doctor and get a 'band aid'. I call this bolstering a ‘false economy’, and the westernized world is getting a pretty good idea of where that leads!?!

water for a dying treeWith any illness, the key to reinstating health is to properly discern the root cause and then treat the real cause rather than just treating the symptoms. The same is true in knowing how to relieve stress successfully.

You can liken treating the symptoms to a gardener who incorrectly treats his withering tree in the garden. If the leaves on the tree are all shriveling from lack of water, the gardener would be pretty silly to take each leaf and individually water it!

The problem is not at the level of the leaves... their withering is just the symptomatic level. The real problem is that the roots of the tree have to take up water, right?! By watering the roots of the plant the gardener is properly treating the tree at the level of causation.

Knowing the secret of how to relieve stress requires that you first know the root cause of your stress, and then you can apply the cure for stress at the causative level.

Even though most people think that the main causes of stress are events, you know better by digging deeper. But truly, the main cause of stress are your thoughts and beliefs. What causes stress is not any particular event, but rather the way that you interpret and give meaning to the event.

Therefore, the real cure for stress is to gain more understanding in your life so that your thoughts are not engaging in futility, and fighting reality.

Understanding... The Cure For Stress

Intelligent men and women never intentionally hurt themselves, and neither do they choose to suffer from emotional turmoil such as stress and fear. Yet suffering from feelings of anger, stress, and resentment is rampant. The main reason for this is simply because most people do not know any better. People are not aware which of their thought patterns are incurring emotional pain (and also often leading to physical ailments), nor how to rectify them and thereby how to relieve stress.

Everyone is doing the best they know how to do at the time. Whether you register stress or calm depends on your thought processing. Your thoughts depend on past experience and learning. Be encouraged, as there are things you can do so that when you face stressful situations you more often have an experience of eustress rather than distress.

If you have not had opportunity to gain the knowledge and understanding to remain calm in challenging situations, your experience of stress is simply a reflection of that. If this is the case, you will be more likely to regularly react with emotional tension rather than responding through logical and considered evaluations.

The more you learn about your personal core values, your belief systems and how they relate to reality, the more strategies you have for calmly dealing with potentially stressful situations, and knowing how to relieve stress for yourself.

The real cure for stress is to address your mindset and increase your understanding of life.

Here are a few powerful stress management exercises to help build your foundation of being cool, calm and collected:

  1. Serenity - By facing reality as it is, doing what you can to change difficult situations, and having serenity in accepting things you cannot change... you thereby go a long way toward avoiding the debilitating effects of stress. You can strengthen your peacefulness through heart meditation. It's a wonderful pleasurable way to put all thoughts of stress out of your mind, and focus on the ultimate peace-maker of all... love.

  2. Personal Leadership Trait - Realize that you are always in the right place at the right time. This is a pivotal understanding that allows you to embrace your own power in knowing how to relieve stress.

  3. True Wealth - Cultivate your awareness and appreciation of what you already have that is truly of value in life.

  4. 5 free tips from a life coach for personal development - Question, listen, and learn from others who have mastered a low stress lifestyle.

Authorities Concur on How To Relieve Stress

Grandmas as well as scientific researchers around the world are promoting greater understanding and personal development as the best approach for managing stress and moving forward in health and fulfillment in life.

"...the single most significant determinant of the stress reaction is
one's attitude toward life. Feelings, attitudes, and beliefs
are increasingly recognized as major determinants of the state of health.
It naturally follows that the ability to manage stress constructively
depends on a healthy emotional state, a positive mental outlook,
and beliefs that life is a friendly supporting environment..."
Ted Hamilton, MD

"If we change our perceptions, we can change our biology. We must stop living in fear and stress because it is killing us as individuals."
Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

"Be good to yourself, eat good fresh food, get ample exercise,
get plenty of rest, and be kind, be calm,
and appreciate every morsel of life."
Grandma... science has finally caught up with my good sense! :)

Explore and embrace new empowering belief systems. You'll be in prime position for helping yourself and others dealing with stress.

Using Your Tools for Dealing With Stress

Do these tools for how to relieve stress work? No! No, they don't do anything. They are like new sharp and shiny tools that you get to take home and put in your closet.

They only way they will work is if you take them out and you work them. It's the same as if you get a new car in the garage or boat tied up at the dock… you have to drive it.

Are they helpful if you work them. Absolutely! If you are keen to experience a more peaceful and fulfilling life, I can promise you that integrating these concepts into your daily thoughts will have a huge positive impact.

It's an ongoing exercise for you to put this information on how to relieve stress to use in your life. As you do so, you are practicing 'being' the person necessary for successfully setting and achieving goals that are most dear to you.

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