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Inspirational Poems about Friendship

The best inspirational poems about friendship may not even mention the word 'friends'. Check out this gem, Ancient Rythms by Rhea D'souza...

Ancient Rythms

Two little girls in a park near Union Station, Washington, D.C. (LOC)

Like two grains of wind
Our lives crossed

The wind that traveled
A million years
Impregnated with
Lives, stories, experiences. Dreams
Your or mine?

There is a message
Don't know for whom
I strain to listen
To you

And all I can hear
Is the steady beat of drums?
Played a long time ago
The Music has stopped
I can still feel the vibrations

Did I go back in the past?
Or did time catch up
I don't know

Your eyes opened a window
That I had forgotten to shut after all

But with you
I am not scared

Rhea D'souza
© Rhea D'Souza

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