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Write Inspirational Short Stories

There are millions of possible inspirational short stories all awaiting quietly within the script of this one uplifting message.

Give this inspiring story your own twist simply by filling in the boxes below with your unique answers.

Then when you click 'Write Story', your personalized version of the story appears in the box.

Personalized Short Story
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# between 12 - 16:Casual Greeting:
Mother's First Name:Two Names for Pets:
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When you read your completed story above, you will see that it follows one of the main themes for inspirational stories... the heros journey:

  1. A challenge is accepted
  2. Action is taken and difficulties are encountered
  3. Success is achieved
  4. The bounty is shared

This helps give ideas on how you can write and submit original inspirational stories. This is a great way to share your inspirational messages and 'aha moments', and help others who are looking for inspiration on their path of personal development.

The short short stories created from the tool above are just for fun. They are not eligible to be published on this website stating you as author. This is just an exercise to supplement other short story writing tips and tools.

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