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Inspirational Short Stories and Books

We love reading and hearing inspirational short stories. It makes us marvel at the richness of the human spirit.

Many people have wonderful unique experiences that, when shared, are a gift in quickening the spirit of someone else.

Here you can read short inspirational stories written by others and reviews of inspirational books shared by readers. And, you can add your own short inspiring stories and personal development book reviews.

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If there is an inspirational short story that has encouraged and motivated you in your personal development, it's likely that it will also positively impact the minds, emotions, and souls of others.

Share your inspirational stories.

You are also invited to write a review on one of your favorite inspirational books.

Some of the Best Inspirational Books for Self Growth


Themes Threaded Through Inspirational Books & Stories

Check out some other themes for short inspirational stories.

If you want to build up your writing confidence before adding your own inspirational story, read these 8 short story writing tips.

The Power of Story

Having a bit of fun personalizing an inspirational short story example gives you the outline of a typical short inspirational story. This points to one of the primary themes that offer us challenge and success along our journey of life.

When a story gives us an 'aha moment' and resonates a profound truth in your heart, you have found a personal Transformational Touchstone that leads to personal growth and inspiration.

Such stories confirm something that is truly important to you. With that, it carries potent seeds of insight, inspiration, and encouragement. Treasure it, it will be valuable on your road of self empowerment and personal development.

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