Short Inspirational Stories and Poems

Inspirational stories and poems come in many shapes and sizes but all share the common element of inspiration!

You'll find long and short inspirational poems, but the collection of inspiring stories on this website is of the 'short' and 'short short' variety.

Here, you are invited to both read, and to submit:

  • Uplifting short short stories - Wikipedia tells us that stories with less than 1000 words fall in the short short story category.
  • Inspirational short stories - These are stories up to about 20,000 words.

By those definitions, most uplifting stories contributed here will likely be short short stories, but you are welcome to submit longer 'short inspirational stories' too. However many words doesn't really matter. The real key is that what you will be doing is adding another light to help inspire and uplift the world.

Share your short inspirational stories for all to enjoy and you receive a free ebook of short short stories in the form of happiness and wisdom tales!

Your inspirational story (along with picture too if you like) will be reviewed, and all short inspirational stories accepted will be posted on their own individual web page. (A book of inspiring stories is also being compiled, so you might be asked if you would like your story published too. :) You can tell your friends and family about the page your inspirational short story is on, so they can also read and enjoy it.

If you want help for writing, check out these inspirational short story writing tips.

Ideas for Inspirational Short Stories to Share

Here are some great subject ideas for short inspirational stories:

  1. Share stories about the most inspirational people that you know or have heard of.

    We usually don't have to look too far for an uplifting story based on an inspiring person. It might be about:

    • Uplifting family stories. You might want to honor a family member by highlighting why they are so special and inspiring to you. This can be a wonderful opportunity to say 'thank you' to someone close that has helped you in your life. You write the story about their positive influence in your life, and it bears witness to them, and lets the world read about their goodness. Great idea for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

    • Friends, acquaintances, community members, or international citizens that have touching stories. Many people overcome difficulties in life with a strong spirit of determination and persistence, or reach out and help others in a heartwarming spirit of caring and contribution. And many of them do it with real grace that makes us feel inspired by human nature and potential.

    • Short love stories can be really inspiring. Makes sense, since love is such a dynamic emotion that most everyone has experienced. It's often surprising and uplifting to learn how couples met and fell in love. With just a little detective work you can probably uncover some wonderful short stories about love among your friends, parents, and grandparents.

    • Tell us about public figures (such as, Lady Dianne, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Oprah, or???) that you think qualify as famous inspirational people, and how they inspire the world to bigger and better things.

  2. Yourself! Tell us true short stories about how personal development has occurred in your life. How did you learn certain life lessons? What difficulties have you overcome, and how? Do you have an inspirational story about losing weight, or overcoming an addiction, or meeting the partner of your dreams, or finding your passion, or? All of these true short stories inspire and give hope to others that might be on a similar path, or know someone who is.

  3. Friendship stories can be powerful, motivational and inspirational. Do you know stories about people who have taken care of one another through thick and thin, good and bad? These might even be short inspirational love stories that outline what people do to help ensure the well being of another person.

  4. Emotionally touching short animal stories - There are lot's of inspiring stories about animals. Animals have been known to help save a person's life, warn people of danger, and take care of other animals. You might know about two unlikely animals becoming friends, which is always fun to hear about too. It helps us humans to think that maybe there is hope in all of us getting along!

  5. True miracle stories - Things appear to be miracles when the mechanics and reasons behind something isn't apparent. When you really want or need something to happen, and it happens, but you can't see any logical reason for it... it seems like a miracle. Some people might call these 'strange but true stories'.

  6. Fictional short stories to inspire personal development - Luke Skywalker and Yoda weren't real, yet how many thousands of people were inspired by Yoda's message... 'let the force be with you'.

  7. There are many existing inspirational short stories that take the form of folktales, parables, and moral stories. You can put these themes into your own words and share them.

  8. Inspirational sports stories drive people to greater achievement. It might be physical or mental achievement of winning, or perhaps of just completing, or even just participating. Let us know about your favorite inspirational sports stories.

  9. Practice random acts of kindness and inspire us with your resulting stories. If you don't yet have an inspirational story to share, this is an easy and fun way to create one! Go out and 'pay it forward' through a random act of kindness. Then come back here and tell us about it. Some simple random acts of kindness ideas I've heard about are: paying for a stranger's coffee or meal in a restaurant; spot a garden that needs tending and offer to do some gardening for the owners; pay the carwash for the person behind you.

  10. Business success stories can certainly inspire and motivate self development. Read some inspiring entrepreneur success stories and then think of your own or one you might know about, and tell us here.

Check out a typical style for motivating and uplifting stories by having a play with this inspirational short stories example. You can personalize it, so it's a bit of fun.

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Everyone knows that inspiration creates hope for people. When you read about wonderful things happening, you realize it is possible. By sharing such inspirational thoughts and messages, you have the opportunity to make someone's day and positively impact their personal development.

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Inspirational Stories Other Visitors Have Written

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Bound and Gagged 
I'm a 34-year-old single mom with two wonderful, beautiful teen-aged daughters. I am a smart, competent, very pretty woman but also, I must admit, vain …

A True Leader 
A true leader is one who takes personal responsibility and ownership... This boy in the next table at the restaurant was super active. He was all over …

Santa Can Come Before Christmas 
"Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy; who gives himself by thought or word or deed in every gift that he bestows." Edwin …

Water and Rocks 
Recently, while hiking in the foothills of South Carolina, I happened upon a small, yet briskly flowing whitewater creek. While relaxing and enjoying the …

I Can Never Forget That Puppy 
"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something …

Whose Battle His or Mine 
"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are." - Bernice Johnson Reagon It is true that …

Destination Unknown 
There once was a little girl starting a new school. She was told by her parents that her mother was going back to work in order for her and her sister …

FeedBack, and FeedForward 
He had a chat about his performance with his Boss and the owner of the business. At the end of the discussion, his boss said "You have done a great …

Nature has the Answer  
This young boy of 16 summers asks, "Master, what is love at first sight?" The Master does not reply and moves on. The next day very early …

Lessons of Life from a Dog 
The other day, I learned some lessons of life from a dog. I saw one of the stray street dogs chasing a young boy. The boy tried his best to escape …

When I Just Brushed HIM Aside  
I rushed to the temple Knowing it was closing time There a beggar stopped me, may be for alms I brushed him aside as quick with my left arm …

Faith the Dog 
Faith the dog is a Chow-Lab mix puppy. She came to my family in January 2003 when my son Reuben rescued her from her own mother. Her mother was trying …

The Path 
Where does the battling end? What do we battle for? Happiness? What is happiness? One man's gain is another man's loss. It's a funny old world, full …

The Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt 
The Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt Charlie Threatt was born on April 8 1995. He grew up and spent most of his life in Kansas City, Missouri. He …

Leadership Style  
I could not find a better definition of (facilitative and enabling) leadership than this imaginary conversation between "a pencil and a sharpener". …

A Seniors Fall 
I am an old woman. I taught my self to write. Here is a story... A Senior's fall. On Sept-1-2012 I decided to search for scrap wood to build a small …

My Bit For A Few Bites  
I know it will emerge again, but now I also know how to erase it! At the temple... Long queue and when my turn came, I just looked at HIM intensely …

Be Optimistic 
Be optimistic in your life, Believe that things will go your way, And if you need a little help, Take some time and pray. You need to have positive …

Helping Animals the World Around 
I'm interested in animal causes as they present themselves globally. I'm a well published writer in varied genres, but animal and nature themes have my …

My Diploma 
My Diploma! Elizabeth is a beautiful and intelligent girl from a very wealthy family. Her father was a mayor of the village,her mother was working …

The great escape 
He had been on the run, wanting to embrace the eluding excitement of escapism... And then it finally happened! He attained the nirvana of escapists’ …

Happy hour 24/7 - do I need a sponsor? 
The other day I saw this sign board outside a bar / restaurant, "Happy hours: 6 to 8 pm" Curiosity... Peeped in... saw many cheerful young and old …

My Sole Mate  
The other day I bought a new pair of shoes For my folks insisted "the time has come to discard the old" The excitement of the new stayed just as …

God Makes Time Stand Still 
About 1:30 P.M. I was heading for work like everyday. I was going north on a 3 lane road. Sometimes it's busy other times like this time I was alone …

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Why did I starve him that morning? 
This guy was driving into the parking bay and one look at him said it all. He was deeply affected by the 'wrong side of the bed' syndrome. Even as he …

Patience Pays in Princely Ways 
Conversation between the twins safely tucked in their mother's womb... "This is a hell of a long wait, I think I am ready to move out and I just want …

Inspired by the Skill of Others 
Have you ever been so inspired by the skill of others , and motivated through their encouragement, that it spurred you on to take action in your own …

Keeping Perspective on Life 
It's Another Day for You and Me in Paradise Mohan M Prasad India I was fretting and fuming over the non functioning of the air conditioner …

Begs the Question 
Begs the question is an odd little saying that almost begs clarification! Here's a short inspirational story that helps to clarify it. As well, it …

I Am Still Looking For Him 
This happened about 2 years back. It was 5 p.m. on a Friday evening. Mira came running to me with a piece of paper in her hands; her eyes were full of …

Every Man has His Day  
---------- Photo by Emery Way / CC BY 2.0 This boy hardly 15 years old, was seen pelting stones and chasing the stray dog in the dusty street …

Importance of Communication 
Since I've realized the real importance of communication I will never forget all those language teachers of my school. They taught me grammar; …

Associations Add Rich Color to Life 
There were the days when as a young lad I use to call out at random every senior and elderly persons as "Uncle". I remember vividly it was just a term …

Changing Paradigms of Your mind  
He asked the village wise man "when will all my trouble end?" The Wiseman paused for a while and replied "it can end as soon as you are ready to end …

Leadership Characteristics of Judgment 
Leadership characteristics (good or bad) often become apparent when people step into positions of power. A lack of quality leadership traits can show …

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