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What Intuitive Perceptions Are People Experiencing?

What have your intuitive perceptions looked and felt like?

  • Did you receive a visual sign that you would benefit by taking a particular action?
  • Or did you hear a fleeting thought that cautioned you about an event?
  • Maybe you had a dream signaling that something was soon to occur.

Share details of your experience of pure intuition and read intuitive insights submitted by others.

Intuitive experiences are variously described as:

  • listening to an inner voice
  • being aware of a gut feeling
  • seeing a sign
  • having a vision
  • following your heart
  • guidance by an inner light

Yet, there are common threads in determining what is intuition. It occurs outside of logical or cognitive thinking based on our 5 senses. It seems to appear out of nowhere and offers insight for our personal spiritual growth.

All who experience intuition share an openness to receiving intuitive insights and a willingness to have faith and act on them. Through practice in using and developing intuition, we are able to gain trust in the reliability and accuracy of the messages we receive.

What Intuitive Insights Have You Had?

This is your chance to tell about your experience of intuition. When have intuitive messages helped and guided you?

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