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Jim Stovall Shares The Ultimate Gift

Jim Stovall is the amazing human being and best selling author of The Ultimate Gift Book, which has subsequently been made into an award winning feature film (now available as The Ultimate Gift dvd).

Once you learn a little bit about this author, his trials and accomplishments in life, it's easy to imagine where the basis of this heart warming little personal development book rose from.

Jim Stovall began life as a boy with full eyesight. At age 17 he was diagnosed with macular degeneration, and by the time he was 29 he was totally blind.

I don't even want to imagine what it must be like to go through that slow journey into darkness. This experience would have stopped many in their tracks. But rather than sit in a corner, Stovall looked for a way to contribute.

He joined forces with Kathy Harper, a legal researcher with severely limited eyesight, and together they started a program to lend support to the blind.

Through small steps this project grew, and Jim is now co-founder and president of the Narrative Television Network which makes movies and television accessible to America's 13 million blind and visually impaired.

He has found meaningful ways to contribute and has been honored with the International Humanitarian of the Year award.

Jim Stovall admits to feeling that losing sight has allowed him to find true meaning in his life and become much more the person he wants to be. He has said, "If I had the choice now to be able to see again but also to go back and be the person I used to be, I wouldn’t do that. I much prefer this."

The lead character in 'The Ultimate Gift', Jason, goes through a similar sense of loss and enrichment. Jason shallowly thinks that he has and knows all the riches of a good life. Only through an enforced experience of 'going without' is he able to transcend his small mindedness and find the true ultimate gift awaiting.

It was very fitting that I was given this book as a Christmas gift... it really is all about giving. As I read I was reminded that the ultimate gift of life is available to everyone of us, everyday. It is in the simple and in the ordinary, and most richly found in love. Such a basic message, and yet always worth revisiting and repeating.

Enjoy reading this valuable little book as it reinforces your hearts call and takes you on the path of your most fulfilling life possible.

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