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Your Key To Happiness Is Unique To You

Where should you start looking for your key to happiness? Lot's of people look outside of themselves in their pursuit of happiness:

  1. material possessions; cars, property, clothes
  2. relationships; the perfect partner, children
  3. status; job titles, educational titles

These things might add to your happiness, but they are 'conditional' things. It's like saying if I have A, then I'll be happy, otherwise I'll be unhappy.

You don't want to rely on things to make you happy, YOU want to make you happy. People that begin their pursuit of happiness by acquiring things outside of themselves, are missing the key to authentic happiness.

Things may complement true keys to happiness, but we need to build our happiness foundation on interior qualities of greater substance.

How To Be Happy From The Inside Out

"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln

Deciding to be happy and learning how to be happy requires some application on your part. We are who we are partly because of the habits we have ingrained in our thoughts and actions. Change requires new ways of thinking and acting. It's similar to a habit of always traveling a certain road to work.

Change requires:

  • a reason to take a new route
  • learning alternative roads to get you to your destination
  • traveling the new roads
  • seeing benefits in the new direction
  • rewarding yourself for the new direction
  • continuing to travel the new roads

You will have to take steps that the masses are not yet prepared to take. It's up to you to identify your key to happiness, and then to decide to use it. And... it can be done!

Fork in the road: the key to happiness

"It requires some effort to achieve a happy outlook on life,
and most people don't make it. Most people
take the path of least resistance.
Far too many people today don't take the steps
to make their life a more fulfilling one."
Author and researcher Greg Easterbrook

Find Your Key To Happiness

Finding your key to happiness is a side effect of your holistic personal development. A great place to start are with the 9 basics on how to be happy.

Then come back here and further cultivate your happiness with these:

  1. Your subconscious must be supporting your conscious desires. If you have old habitual ways of thinking that are whispering negative thoughts into the quiet recesses of your mind, you must address them. Befriend them, find out how and why they served you in the past, and notify them that they are no longer needed. Think empowering thoughts on all levels of your being.
  2. Follow your passion, follow your heart... let your life be about what you love doing. This is your gift. Opening it gives you joy and fulfillment, and it adds your bright colors to the world.
  3. Identify your life purpose, and live it. When you recognize a purpose as worthy, you recognize a way to bring happiness. Sharing it enriches you and all those you touch.
  4. Build your relationship with the creative life force that birthed you, through personal spiritual development. You may call it god, spirit, the divine, life energy, source. This is a personal connection... the communication comes into you and goes out from you.
  5. Recognize where your true wealth is. What basket have you put your eggs in, and... is there a hole in the bottom of it?
  6. Take care of your physical self. There are 'feel good' brain chemicals produced during exercise, and nurtured through healthy eating and good sleep. Go for it!
  7. Live a self empowering life through personal leadership development. Traits associated with happiness mirror the traits of self empowerment:

    • high self esteem
    • consciously contributing
    • dream, see possibilities
    • close relationship/social bonds
    • being positive and optimistic
    • live in the present, let go of the past
    • seeing challenges as learning opportunities
    • acknowledging personal strengths and achievements
    • acting according to personal core values
    • a sense of responsibility for ones own life
    • enjoy life's simple pleasures and give thanks
    • perception that your choices affect your outcomes
    • actively cultivating your personal mission development

Core Values and the Art of Happiness

As you identify your own recipe for happiness, you will understand another important aspect of honoring your personal core values.

For example, if your core values include kindness, gratefulness, and peace, you will find these few ideas will suit you well for cultivating daily joy:

  • practice random acts of kindness
  • give thanks every morning for the sight you enjoy, and the breath you breathe
  • savor little occurrences that make you feel at peace

Explore yourself... who you are and what you love. You are bound to uncover your authentic key to happiness!

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