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Experience the Law of Giving and Receiving in Action

Do you ever feel like the law of giving and receiving hints at an almost magical power for positive creation that we are only just scratching the surface of?

It's like there is untapped potential for goodness embedded in giving. And that by every act of giving that we perform, we are inviting some as yet unseen goodness to manifest. Acknowledging this power of giving has become one of my positive personal affirmations. And by putting this positive self talk into action, I'm helping in creating the kind of world that I want to see more of.

There are many easy ways to experience the law of giving and receiving in your life. And it starts with your giving. It might be through immaterial gifts such as giving of yourself or giving your time which could be in the form of smiling, performing tasks, or perhaps simply lending an ear. Or your giving may be based on giving material goods such as flowers, money, or countless other things.

Law of Giving Exercises

Why not start to nurture and explore the value of giving by sharing something with someone everyday. With grace and cheerfulness, explore using some of these giving exercises, perhaps even making it a practice to give something to everyone you meet:

    Gifts to Give for No Cost:

    1. Smile at a person when your eyes meet.
    2. When talking to someone, make the conversation about them. Really listen and focus on a way to create the best outcome for their concerns.
    3. Look for opportunities to compliment people on things such as their good work or effort, their appearance, or their attitude.
    4. Offer a silent blessing or prayer to people that you meet. It can be something like; 'May lifes' goodness and truth shine down on you, blessing you with ease and joy along your path'.
    5. Giving feedback to help people improve their performance in some aspect. You can do this in a thoughtful and compassionate manner by mixing generous portions of praise and positive reinforcement with small amounts of constructive feedback.
    6. Share your authentic self. You don't need to try and impress anyone. You have tremendous value in your own genuine being, and allowing others to see your true self helps to build value for everyone.
    7. Show appreciation, caring and love to others. Jim Stovall in The Ultimate Gift talks about the true wealth we have access to through these virtues, and how they are some of the greatest gifts to share. These can be offered all on their own or can easily be combined with all of the above, as well as the following gifts below.

    Giving Exercises that Only Cost You Time:

    1. Spend time being a friend. This might mean listening to others problems or their good fortune, or helping them with tasks or errands.

      This is a perfect example of the law of giving and receiving illustrating that it is impossible to give without receiving something in return... because when you invest in a friendship, you are as likely to benefit from that enriched relationship as anyone.

    2. Give counsel or mentoring when you have knowledge or experience that will help others.
    3. Volunteer at a local community service or charity organization. Depending on your strengths and preferences, you might decide to spend time at a homeless shelter, a hospice, or helping with an immigrants literacy program for example.
    4. Visit people that lack social interaction. This might be elderly people in their homes or aged care facility, hospital patients that have no family, or disabled people that lack mobility.
    5. Perform random acts of kindness. When you see an opportunity to 'pay it forward', act on it. It can be easy... perhaps you drive past an elderly couples yard and notice that their lawn needs mowing... arrange for it to happen for them. Or maybe you notice someone that needs help carrying their groceries to the car... lend them a hand.
    6. Foster an animal from an animal shelter. Many animal shelters will pay for all the necessary pet supplies for you to take a dog or cat home for a few days or weeks.

    Give Your Money or Resources:

    1. Donate money to a charity. There are numerous causes to choose from, from organizations supplying food, water and shelter for those stricken with poverty, to funds for victims of natural disasters. For example, you can find wonderful opportunities to contribute at The Conscious Company where David Ault shares his empowering vision for humanity.
    2. Take clothing and furniture that you no longer use and give it away to needy families or second hand stores.
    3. Practice the law of giving by contributing food supplies to soup kitchens or food banks for hungry people.
    4. Take books and magazines that you no longer use to libraries, second hand stores, or community organizations.
    5. Contribute money to further research and education in a field that interests you. (ex. organic food production and distribution, clean energy, saving wildlife)
    6. Give gifts to family and friends to meet their needs or add to their joy. Ideas include a bouquet of flowers, a music selection to suit their taste, or a gift certificate to a favorite store.

Giving exercises are a great way for anyone to explore the riches released through the law of giving and receiving. Whether you're giving through non-monetary or monetary means (just make sure your own personal finance is in check), the experience can be truly rewarding. Circulate wealth through whatever you are wealthy with. Everyone is wealthy in some regard, even if it is only their own 'being'.

So, start with giving from yourself... a smile or helping hand. Stretch beyond that to giving other simple gifts, and other forms of wealth including money whenever you see the opportunity and feel you can.

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