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Let Go of Fear

Learning to let go of fear is a major lesson in Letting Go and Becoming by Marianne Williamson. This personal development book delves into many aspects of letting go of baggage, and it happens that fear is often at the bottom of the bag!

This beautiful book is another of Williamson's based on A Course In Miracles .

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She brings understanding from the text to life and translates it into every day occurrences. It will almost certainly inspire you to continue cultivating peace and love in your own life, and help share it in the world.

and Becoming
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There are 4 sections in this self help e audio book, each revealing many gems of insight:

  1. Letting go / Becoming your potential
  2. Spiritual victory / The power of forgiveness
  3. Balancing masculine and feminine
  4. Unlimited power and possibilities / Praying for change

The beginning section, Letting Go and Becoming your Potential, encourages you to let go of who you think you are, and open yourself to seeing who you might be. This requires you to let go of fear that constricts your thinking and being. Let go of fears that you are 'not good enough', that you need to 'become special' through doing or the acquisition of something.

Marianne Williamson succinctly spells out the false belief that many think they can only be good enough, and special, through particular things such as a certain education, or accomplishing an outstanding thing, or a sporting feat, or by associating with someone special (ie. a partner, particular company).

This false belief that one must 'acquire' specialness stems from thinking it is only achieved by identifying with something outside of oneself. But the truth that Williamson shares is that we are all special just the way we are.

Morsels of the feast that Marianne Williamson brings to the table include:

  • Everything in life is love or a call to love.
  • Eternity is the only real 'time' and the present moment is where w intersect with eternity. That illustrates the importance of being in the present, not neurosing about the past or future.
  • There is no order in the difficulty of miracles, and each of us are miracle workers. We engage this power by seeing the 'light' in the other and extending understanding.
  • The healing that the world is calling out for will not be achieved by war on the unjust, corrupt or terrorists. Because the physical world is an expression of what is inside us, it is the 'inside of each of us' that must be healed in order to heal the world.

In the final section, Unlimited Power and Possibilities for Change, this insightful self help author counsels the reader on letting go of fear-based thinking and replacing it with loving thoughts and actions. She explores your ability to have a loving relationship with yourself, other people in your life, and with the world.

It becomes clear that as we are able to let go of fear and all the misunderstandings that fears build up around us, then we are truly able to explore becoming our potential, and thereby find our own buds awaiting to blossom.

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