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When Life Inspiration Can Be Seen, Heard, and Felt

Life inspiration is arguably the greatest untapped source of potential known to man. It is a gift imbued within each of us as our birthright and a spiritual aspect of the life abundance that surrounds us.

If you've lost sight of it, take heart and be encouraged by these words of inspiration. Poems often speak straight to the heart.

Strong is the soul, and wise, and beautiful,
The seeds of godlike power are in us still,
Gods are we, Bards, Saints, Heroes, if we will.
Matthew Arnold

Arnold's words both inspire us to be encouraged and assure us of life abundance in the seeds of godlike power that reside within us. He acknowledges that we let our potential lay untapped, and yet, if we will activate it, we are more powerful than we imagine.

Inspirational Life Seeds

What do these 'seeds of godlike power' look like, sound like, feel like??? They are unique in every person, and yet every person can access them through the same channels, variously called,... inner passion, inner light, inner voice, gut feelings, intuition or superconsciousness.

Life Inspiration

Dr. John F. Demartini reiterates this truth, saying "When your wise and masterful voice on the inside becomes greater than the many little voices on the outside, a life of great fulfillment, wisdom and genius can become yours."

Mmmm, there might be a few more hints there too.

  • "when the masterful voice on the inside becomes greater",.. becomes more trustworthy perhaps
  • "than the many little voices on the outside",.. than the chatter of your ego and of society, and in alignment with your personal core values no doubt

Recognizing and heeding the call of life inspiration sounds like a grand adventure to experience the richness and life abundance on offer. Someone with empowered personal leadership would be perfectly suited for the task!

Life Inspiration Characteristics

Savour these inviting aspects of tuning into the greatest untapped source of human potential, and living an inspirational life!

  1. available to everyone, everywhere, all the time
  2. free
  3. powerful
  4. unlimited
  5. makes us feel great

Not many things you can say that about in life! :)

Personal Growth And Inspirational Power

So how do we access and use the signals of this incredible and abundant creative power of life to achieve the success we desire?

  1. Your true life passion and life purpose are beacons for living your most inspirational life. Finding and acting on these will also put the keys to happiness in your hands. There are a number of great personal development exercises that will assist you in this, and set you off on your amazing journey to manifest your desires.
  2. Superconsciousness communicates life inspiration through intuition, or gut feelings. These serve as wise and timely go, caution and stop lights! Are you paying attention to these integral guides of the life inspiration energy. What is intuition telling you?

    Focus some energy on developing intuition. Learn to watch and listen carefully, diligently, and gratefully,.. and feel the fulfillment as your true passion blossoms.

Remember To Take These With You...

Approaching this quest with a self empowered attitude enjoying high self esteem and a healthy self concept is highly recommended.

The following traits are apparent when living from a state of self empowerment, and are worth mentioning here as superb supporting attitudes to take with you on the journey of living the highest vision of your life inspiration:

  • Be OPEN to new possibilities. Rather than believing you have all the answers about the universe, consider that perhaps your perceptions and focus have limited what you have processed and come to believe up to this p class="custom"oint.
  • Be willing to take RISKS. There may well be some 'stepping out into the unknown' involved! Venturing into uncharted territory means you may be leaving behind the expectations of others, perhaps also previous expectations you have had of yourself.
  • Have a BURNING DESIRE to access it. What I mean is that if you rather flippantly pronounce, "Oh ya, it would be pretty cool to know about these seeds of life abundance within me.".... I expect you will get some flippant results.

    However, if you are intensely passionate about tuning into your passion, your gut feelings and higher purpose, I am positive you will hear it by heartily embracing your keys to happiness.

    How intensely passionate must you be? How about pleading with what feels like all your heart, like your life depends on it, like there is nothing more important for you in the universe? That's it,... you've got it!

water pumpThink about this analogy:

When you push the pump handle of a water well up and down when there is only air in the pipe, what do you get?


To get water out of a well, you must 'prime the pump' with a bit of water.

In other words, if you want to know your driving passion and manifest your desires, you have to give passion to the universe so it knows what to give you back!

You will tap into the stream of life abundance.

Honor Your Inspiration

Our inner passion and intuition are wonderful communication channels with the universe. They may not always be visible to the eye, but they weave a rich tapestry that can be seen, heard, and felt with the heart!

Recognizing and honoring the life inspiration inside us signals the beginning of our personal mission development. It is now possible to attune to these signals so that we recognize and follow the pursuit of our highest vision. This is the path of holistic personal development, where the joy of life abundance is experienced in all areas that we desire.

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