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Finding Life Purpose Is A Creative Opportunity

In finding life purpose, there is one very important clue to be aware of.

This wisdom will free you to look in places you may not have thought to look, and to find answers you may well not have dared to previously believe...

Discovering your purpose in life is not a search to find something already written on stone somewhere, just waiting to be read.

Lif Purpose

Attaining purpose of life is about identifying and creating the purpose that you wish to create... the purpose you would like to manifest in this life. This is your life, your opportunity to communicate the highest purpose you can imagine.

Ask yourself what your highest vision for yourself and our world is.

Your unique angle on that vision is something that you are bringing to share with the world. Don't let it go unexpressed.

This valuable life purpose advice is reiterated by Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations With God:

"The deepest secret is
that life is not a process of discovery,
but a process of creation."

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Well, this depends on how big you want to dream. There really aren't any wrong answers here. The main thing is that you be true to yourself.

Personal spiritual growth will help you open up to what is important to you. Exploring your personal core values also brings valuable self knowledge to your side. Honoring what you know to be true to you is the quickest way to determine a meaningful purpose for your life.

Then, finding life purpose is a matter of asking the right questions of yourself. When pondering, I encourage you to think big! We all know that the power of creation is big, right. Go for it.

Here are a few suggestions that might help to stir your finding life purpose through big dreams...

Maybe you are inspired to:

  • Provide a loving family for one of the thousands of children for adoption
  • Help rid the world of hunger
  • Bring peace to the world
  • Save a species of
  • Practice loving everyone all the time

I identified a big purpose when I was a young adult. I wanted to contribute to creating a sanctuary of peace in the world. This sanctuary of peace was to grow to the tipping point and from there, spread throughout the world. Somewhere in my mid twenties I adopted small thinking. I became cynical, and decided that with the ongoing fighting, racism, poverty and other problems, there was no way society would achieve peace, at least not in my lifetime.

I'm very pleased to say that my aching heart wouldn't settle for that. Through my personal mission development I've re-embraced the big vision. I now know that it is possible for peace on earth within my lifetime. Change is accelerating at an incredible pace, not just in science and technology,... also in faith, hope, and love.

We are capable of dreaming big, and we have the potential of bringing dreams to life. Let's see how big!

Commitment To Your Personal Mission

Attaining purpose of life is only complete once you have committed yourself to living it. Quiet time in nature, meditation, and purpose life coaching will further cultivate your focused mind and nurture the purpose you have determined.

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