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Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff writes Love for no Reason: 7 steps to creating a Life of Unconditional Love with a stirring hope and conviction.

It's obvious that she knows the power and richness of unconditional love, and it's her passion to help spread it's wealth to the world. She gives you lots of exercises and methods you can use to practice unconditional love in your own life, and reap the riches for yourself!

The approach to learning to love that Marci Shimoff promotes can be generally described as a 'rising above' any thoughts or concerns that are not loving.

She points out early on that one of the fundamental foundation stones of unconditional love is the fact that you are the generator of love... it's you that is spreading love rather than looking for love. Hence, it's you that must 'rise above'.

Then she proceeds with lots of guidance to help you achieve your aim of loving through this method:

  • 3 fundamental truths of love - the first is 'we are love'
  • 7 steps to open the doorways of love - these 7 doorways coincide with the chakras
  • many moving stories that she collected from individuals who have found secrets to living a life of unconditional love - love luminaries she calls them
  • numerous other tips like dissolving limiting beliefs and explaining and encouraging non-violent communication
  • an accompanying pdf full of hints, tips and exercises

I'm finding personal development audio books to buy through audible that are great walking companions! I bought the audio version of Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff and am on my 3rd listen through it. Each time I listen there is another little piece that pries my heart open just a bit more :)

If one of your priorities is to see a more loving and peaceful world, this is a must read (or listen!).

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