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Modern Monomyth Story Comments

These comments are from people who have read or heard the monomyth journey that I share in my work. Watch for the release of my forthcoming book, YOU are the WIND, Discovering Your Life Purpose in the Winds of Change.

The 'hero's journey' is an inspirational short story and a transformational touchstone. It offers insight, strength and faith to walk your highest vision, and know that the world will manifest it's greatest rewards as a result.

You can read more about the monomyth and what has prompted me to share this heros journey with you.

Think about some of the powerful personal experiences or understandings that life has given you, and please post your own inspirational stories.



The need and the power of redemption are clearly manifested in the story. As the agent of the cleansing redemption, the faith of the heroine and her need for a universal goodness in man is the major lesson for us.
Arthur Mitchell

Modern Day Monomyth Story

Wow Cathy -- what a wonderful story!
Jennifer Mannion

Wow Cath, your story really hit me. It is amazing what happens when we trust the universe. It's especially wonderful when you get to hear and see what effect you have on the universe. Thanks for sharing it with me, it is very powerful. Margaret

I loved it!
Dan Low

I loved it.
I love momomyths, they are tasty. yummy monomyths yumyumyum
David Capatadomico

Thank You For Sharing Your Inspirational Short Story

It is a powerful example of trusting that you will be taken care of, that you are safe and always in the right place at the right time. It is a well crafted story that was engaging and shines the light into dark places.
Gwen Baran

There are certainly no mistakes in this life and all experiences serve the highest good of all who are involved... your story reminds us of this. It's also a great reminder to be open to all of life! Thanks Cathy.
Sue Urda - Powerful You! Women's Network

It reminds me of a passage given to me many years ago... "One of Life's greatest mysteries is the impact we have on others. Clearly we have "impact" and we touch people's lives... and wonderful when we are open to being touched by others." How refreshing!! Gratitude,

Journey Of Our Inner Hero

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.
Blessings, Dr. Joe Rubino

Inspires Hope and Awe

This story made the hairs on my skin stand up. It is so authentic and portrays where the Rubber meets the Road for so many of us. I have sat with it - Such food for thought. It raises questions for me personally and at the same time fills me with a sense of Hope and Awe.

Thank you Cathy for your openness and this great site which I look forward to supping on whenever I can.
Lynda Rumble

Part I Of The Hero's Journey

Have read the first part to your story and am waiting with some excitement for the rest of it. By the way, you write very well, have only read first page, am liking what I have read.
Margaret Stattman

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