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The Monomyth Is Alive And Well

A modern monomyth (Wikipedia definition opens new window) adventure has had terrific impact on my personal development, and it's apparent that it can also serve you.

A monomyth is an inspirational story that takes the steps of the hero's journey as depicted by Joseph Campbell:

"A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man."

Unacknowledged by most people, everyone of us walk that fine line between the 'common day and supernatural wonder'... everyday! Each of us can wield a dynamic and transformative power that carries us across the line, when we step into our highest life purpose.

The monomyth story has a powerful message and is incorporated in much of my work. You can discover it in:

  • My upcoming book 'YOU are the WIND', Discovering Your Life Purpose in the Winds of Change
  • My favorite Keynote Speech: 'Heroes: Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Things'

Monomyth Inspirational Short Story Comes to You

It was from the outcome of a couple of meetings
during 2007, and personal reflection, that I decided it was time to share the monomyth inspirational story that has been such an influence in my life.

The last confirmation came from a conversation I had with a woman sitting next to me at a conference. She was about my age and was open, friendly and vibrant. There was a spark about her that you don't always see, and I was definitely intrigued by her company. You know those people that seem to shine just a bit brighter; there is a charisma about them. She exuded a peace and certainty in trusting life. As we were chatting I wondered what she did. I kind of imagined that she was a personal development coach, or health practitioner or maybe a teacher. I certainly didn't expect the answer she gave me.

There was a time many years ago that I would not have been so surprised by such an answer. It was when I was verging on adult and felt quite invincible in the face of life. Anything seemed possible.

You've probably felt that sense of wonder at some point in your life. The world and the boundless potentials within it seem so brilliant. You glimpse a magnificent sense of your own indomitable free spirit, and you know that it's all right to trust life.

That is the place where the hero dwells. And it was at that time when I was in touch with that 'space' that the monomyth story first made it's appearance in my life. It's relevance in our modern lives has since became blatantly apparent.

It's the heroes inside of us everyday people that cause extraordinary things that change the world... positive change that we had no way of previously comprehending or hoping to witness without accepting the hero's call to adventure. The person your hero will be saving first and foremost is yourself. In turn, there are magnificent repercussions on others and the world around us.

The woman sitting next to me at that conference a few years ago gave me an uncommon answer when she told me what she did. In fact I'd never had anyone before tell me what she did. She said she was an alchemist. She had accessed this understanding of herself and her life through Christopher Howards Design Your Destiny course (You can get complimentary access to Chris Howards personal development work.) She was an everyday person, yet fully aware of being much more than a stack of limiting conditions. She had learned that by trusting life and acting in concert with creation, transformational miracles occur. No apologies, no bragging... just a statement of fact.

As author Paul Coelho said in his book Alchemist, "Alchemist's understand that when something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well."

We are all alchemist's, on the move transforming the world for our highest vision.

Powerful Principles

There are some powerful principles in action through the hero's journey.

They are simple and universal principles, and ancient as well as modern...

  • love
  • trust / faith
  • burning desire to know truth
  • synchronicity

It is these very principles that are the primary weapons of the hero, and... available to every one of us, all the time.

Read Comments from people who have heard or read the modern monomyth story that will be incorporated in my upcoming book 'YOU are the WIND'.

Inspirational Short Stories

Many things that happen in our lives carry strong life lessons for our personal development. They deliver aha moments, and new ways of being that we then carry with us into our future.

They create what I call 'transformational touchstones'. You can read about some of mine in these inspirational short stories.

You are also invited to share your own inspirational stories. If you find them uplifting and motivating for your own self development, it's extremely likely that other people will also.

Let's all join in and contribute to the insights and inspiration of others, and help the world move forward in wisdom and joy.

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