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The Most Inspirational People You know

Who are the most inspirational people you know, or have heard of?

The past few weeks my consciousness has been inundated by fabulous inspirational stories of ordinary people...

  • a local woman holding a fund raising event for a family on her street
  • another family shooting documentary films worldwide to highlight areas of need
  • a model in London who is addressing the plight of the emotional pressure in the industry
  • and a self made millionaire who went out into the community and gave away $150,000!

Who can you think of, and what is it about them that makes them such inspiring people?

  • It might be a specific trait or virtue that they bring to life (ex. enthusiasm, love, resilience, patience, etc)... the way that they are being.
  • Or perhaps it is a project the person is doing where they are shining a light into the world.

If you would like to share a story about the person (or persons) that you find the most inspirational, drop me a line via the form on my contact page.

People Other Visitors have Found to be the Most Inspirational

Read inspiring stories contributed by others such as: family member stories; touching stories of community minded citizens; short love stories that changed the world; and accounts of famous inspirational people.

Patch Adams

Patch Adams came to mind in thinking of compassionate people with inspiring personal mission statements worth sharing. I posted a letter to him, asking about his mission statement. It was a big and wonderful surprise when I received a postcard from him at the Gesundheit Institute.

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