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Neuro Emotional Technique

My chiropractor has given me many Neuro Emotional Technique adjustments over the past 15 years. NET is now a natural and logical approach for me if I have a stubborn or oft recurring subluxation or energy block in my body.

Without fail, the NET treatment has identified the organ, muscle, or spinal area causing me grief, and assisted me in releasing the old pattern.

This tool uses a structural correction to normalize a neurological discrepancy. It allows a change in physiology. N.E.T. is not a psychological process nor a spiritual activity.

N.E.T. is very much in alignment with the research that supports that indeed, as a man thinketh, so he is.

It acknowledges:

  • Negative emotions (conscious or unconscious) may manifest as a specific imbalance in a muscle, organ or energy meridian, or a spinal subluxation.
  • We feel different emotions in different parts of our body in different ways. We have all heard or experienced these:
    • hearing that makes me sick to the stomach
    • that person gives me a pain in the neck

Ancient acupuncturists were among the first to correlate different emotions to various organs in our body. For example:

  • fear to the kidney
  • anger to the liver
  • grief to the lungs

NET has many times helped me to shine light on some very old and deeply ingrained thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that are no longer necessary or helpful to me. I have recognized that those patterns seemed useful to me at some time, yet are no longer so.

This technique has supported my body to release remnants of these that were 'stuck' in my physiology:

  • being sworn to secrecy as a child, regarding adult alcoholism and parental physical abuse in friends families
  • my heartfelt concern in-utero of my mother's grief over my fathers plane crash
  • having deep disappointment that 'coming out' was met with such harsh greetings for some loved ones, while others were totally supported in their admissions

Practitioners of NET are able to quickly and easily identify the body symptom associated with a hindering thought, belief, or emotion.

When neuro emotional technique eliminates a hindering physiological connection, the nervous system and all bodily functions work better. Of course removing physical imbalances whether by relaxing muscles or adjusting the spine, doesn't make life's problems disappear! However, when we have a strong nervous system working easily, it certainly helps us to deal with life's challenges and opportunities more effectively.

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