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Explore Niche Ideas and Profit From Your Passions

The Search It tool I'm going to introduce to you is a great first step to research niche ideas that match your interests.

Search It is also much more than this. It's an incredible online brainstorming tool for researching a variety of information pertinent to building a profitable online business from a niche that excites you.

But let's begin at the beginning.

If you love the idea of turning passions into profits and you want to explore the potential to work from home online, then...

... you need to know if there are people searching
the internet for information on your favorite subject!

Search It gives you a look at the numbers of people that are searching for the very same subjects that you are passionate about. (If you aren't quite sure what you are passionate about, do some work on finding your passion.)

When you see thousands of people are looking for information on your favorite topics you might begin to understand there are business building opportunities in front of you.

It's been surprising to me that what seem like obscure topics from my point of view, are proving profitable on the internet. Who would have thought that there is a viable market based on:

  • People who love words - Well I might have guessed this one because my late husband used to say to me, in his big strong deep voice... "Words are my business." He was an actor and voice artist. Many would not have thought niche ideas like this offer a viable market. But think of crosswords, scrabble, and all other sorts of word games, and the people who love playing them. He was one of them, doing a cryptic crossword everyday.
  • Cornhole games - Okay... with this one I had to say... "What kind of games?!?" I had never heard of cornhole games. Yet this and other niche ideas just as obscure are proving profitable for hobbiests.
  • Dog names
  • Cat art
  • Wool crafting
  • Medieval castles
  • Online math
  • Dreadlocks

Are you getting the idea? If you are passionate about something, you can bet there are also other people interested in the subject. Finding this is the first step to believing in your online business potential.

Are Your Niche Ideas Drawing Traffic?

This online tool offers numerous functions for researching on the internet.

I suggest that initially you stay focused to simply check the numbers of people that are searching for information related to your niche ideas. After you do that, you can explore the rest of the potential of this super resource.

Click here to Search It, and read the page that opens. It gives you a brief overview of this great tool. Near the bottom of that page you're invited to try Search It with a risk free trial.

Here is my own Fast Start Guide for you to use in Search It to check out how many people are searching for your niche ideas:

  1. In Step 1: Select Search Category - click the right side arrow and choose the first Search Category, "Brainstorming" in the KEYWORDS section.
  2. Step 2: Select Search Type - choose the first one "Google AdWords Keyword Tool."
  3. Step 3: Enter 1st Search Term - As an example to start, just type in the two words - dog care. In the future, this is where you type in your favorite subject, passion, hobby, or main interest that you want to gather search statistics for.
  4. Step 4: You'll see you do not need to enter any further information. Just click the Search It! button.
  5. A new window will open with a bit more information explaining what has just happened. At the bottom of that page you need to click on 'Please click here to see your search results'
  6. In the window that opens, type your phrase - dog care - and enter the characters you see in the picture below, then hit Get Keyword Ideas
  7. Browse the long list of Keywords and information that comes up for you. You will see the words 'dog care' along with lot's of other variations on the theme. And look at the thousands of people that are searching for information on this subject every month!
  8. Point to the little ? marks, as they offer you more information to better understand the results of your search.
  9. Now Play! Go back to the box near the top and enter the word or words that represent YOUR SUBJECT OF PASSION

This is one of the important first steps for gathering information on your niche ideas. If there is good traffic for the topics you are passionate about, then it's possible that an online business to answer this demand would be successful.

If you have a bit of an independent or entrepreneurial streak like I do, you'll likely decide that the best real online jobs are the ones you create for yourself... become your own boss and build your own web business.

Further Research Starting an Online Business

When you are ready to explore the real business potential of your niche ideas/interests/hobby/passion in greater depth, then it's time to find out more about starting an online business and working from home.

Site Build It 2.0 is the company I use to guide me every step of the way as I'm doing this. There is lots of information available on their website so check out for yourself what they offer: Online Website Business

Basically, SBI 2.0 is a full course that explains everything you need to know to build the best home based business in consideration of your personal interests. Their incredible suite of tools and resources helps you through every step, from doing a full analysis of the viability of your business idea, to making it profitable.

Have fun exploring the potential of turning passions into profits. And, let me know if you have any questions as you delve into the career sector of your holistic personal development.

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