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Helpful Online Personality Tests Summarized

You've heard it said that we have to 'play the cards we are dealt'. These online personality tests let us more clearly understand the cards that we have been dealt!

There are many variables to individuality. Great personality profile tests offer insights as to what card YOU should lead with:

  • What is your natural approach to doing things?
  • What are your most dazzling personality traits?
  • How do you process information and interact with your world?
  • What are your potent strengths, and... your weaker suits?

You might think the top outcome of a good personality quiz is if it tells you "What's the best career for me"? The answers you are given are not necessarily that specific, although it's common that suggestions for general career sectors are offered.

But they will certainly help you gain greater clarity and appreciation around the unique combination of qualities you bring to the world. Personality profile tests highlight what you are good at, and it is likely that those traits are the ones that give you a lot of fulfillment when you are able to use them.

This information naturally assists in identifying purpose and passion in life, which in turn helps clarify the type of work you will find fulfilling.

Impressive Online Personality Tests

  • The Enneagram identifies people as predominantly one of nine personality types. Like any good personality quiz, it is quick to point out that it is common to see bits of yourself in each of the types, but one will likely feature more of your traits and be your 'basic personality type'. The nine types each have descriptive names which are easy to identify with; The Peacemaker, The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast and The Challenger. They offer a shortened free version of the Enneagram online personality tests. (opens new window) Access to brief explanations of the types are also provided.
  • The Kolbe Index is interesting because it focuses on measuring the instinctive aspect of how we approach doing things. Kathy Kolbe, educator and theorist, set out 30 years ago to learn the secrets of this unique part of our mind. She analyzed both the critical thinking and creative processes and identified this *conative* part of the mind as an underlying factor. This is the part which really determines decision making and problem solving capability. Kolbe developed a system based on this to help people recognize their natural approach, and aid them in getting what they want. You can access this personality profile test at Kolbe Index personality quiz. (opens new window)
  • Roger Hamilton of XL Foundation has developed a fascinating profiling system that blends eastern philosophy and psychology. It delivers a clear message of our own strengths, and where we would be best to utilize the skills of others. Hamilton talks a lot about wealth and has outlined the different personality types as 8 different wealth profiles. It's important to note the wealth he speaks about:

    "Wealth isn't how much money you have, it's what you're left with if you lose all your money."

    This type quiz is available at Results Foundation personality test quiz. (opens new window)

    His wealth profiling let's you discover a way to build your wealth which comes naturally to you, so it’s fun and sustainable. It highlights your strengths and preferences and empowers you on your personal mission development.

Online personality tests are not only helpful and insightful, they're fun. It's a quick and easy way to develop further self understanding, at your convenience. The almost instantaneous feedback is great and allows you to reflect on how your answers resulted in your particular 'type'.

Reading the results at different times after receiving them will also give you the opportunity to see your characteristics from different angles. As well, you might find that by sharing and discussing the descriptions with close friends, you gain deeper self knowledge.

We are all incredibly unique individuals, each with tremendous gifts to bring to the world. Be proud of who you are and enjoy building on your potentials. You might even find that holding a 2 of hearts is really valuable... especially if it's your trump suit!

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