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Personal Affirmations Pack Extra Punch

Positive personal affirmations definitely pack a more powerful punch than just regular off the shelf positive affirmations.

The purpose of any affirmation is to help you claim what you desire to see in your life.

It is a wonderful tool that focuses your mind on empowering beliefs that are important to you.

You may be asking...
"What is the difference between positive affirmations, and personal affirmations?" --------------------------------- Photo by angelapenny

Lets look at the breakdown of the meanings of each of the words:

  • personal - private, pertaining to a particular person
  • positive - an attitude focused on what is favorable, constructive or good
  • affirmation - the statement that something is true

You can think of a positive affirmation as a statement of a constructive attitude that is true. And a personal affirmation as a private statement that is true for you.

Now imagine when they combine forces! Suddenly you have a 'constructive statement that is true specifically for you.'

Identifying Personal Affirmations

To create a truly transformational affirmation, you want to:
Identify an empowering belief that speaks specifically to you.

This new belief will appear to be a diamond among the rubble that has been causing you heartache and havoc.

You have two options to learn how to uncover these personal affirmation jewels for yourself:

  1. Get the 7 Part eBook Course, the Art & Magic of Believing. Throughout this course you'll discover valuable insight about the purpose and power of your beliefs. In the seventh session you will be guided through the key steps to break through your limiting beliefs and uncover the number one most beneficial affirmation for you, personally. You can then repeat this and discover all of your most powerful personal statements of affirmation.
  2. Work with a life coach for personal development who can walk with you through this process. Having a trained facilitator guiding you through the maze is like having headlights and a GPS at your disposal! A helping hand can ensure you are going in the right direction, can shorten the process considerably, and help you make more sense of your discoveries.

Each of these processes gives you clarity for accurately addressing your 'real issue', the limiting belief holding you back. This clear vision is an important quality to take forward with you in order to create your most empowering affirmations.

Simple Steps to Powerful Positive Affirmations

The basic guideline for positive affirmations is just to write a simple and short positive statement that empowers you and makes you feel good!

To make sure this is the most powerful it can be, you want to use your personal affirmations that you have already discovered. You then bring those statements here to further their potential. It's like bringing in your rough diamonds and cutting and polishing them to perfection.

5 Steps For Further Polishing:

  1. Positive personal affirmations are all about YOU. To be thorough, you can touch first, second and third person when phrasing these.

    The simplest and most common affirmations include first person "I" statements. In this way you are stating your personal claim on the topic:

    • I am
    • I can
    • I do
    • I feel
    • I think
    • I see
    • I know
    • I accept

    When you use the second person, it's like you take a step away from yourself and look back. You speak to yourself as a friend and mentor, and reinforce your beliefs from the outside in:

    • Sally, you are
    • Sally, you can
    • Sally, you do
    • Sally, you feel
    • Sally, you think
    • Sally, you see
    • Sally, you know
    • Sally, you accept

    When you speak using 'third person' statements, it's like you are telling someone else about this person. You talk about their beliefs, attributes and abilities by stating their name:

    • Sally Smith is
    • Sally Smith can
    • Sally Smith does
    • Sally Smith feels
    • Sally Smith thinks
    • Sally Smith sees
    • Sally Smith knows
    • Sally Smith accepts

    The beauty of including all of these variations is that you imagine yourself through not only your own eyes, but you imagine how others see you. It gives you various angles to see and appreciate your empowerment.

  2. Ensure your affirmation is stated in the here and now, in the present tense. Say it like it is currently a reality in your life. You'll note that all of the above statements are in the present tense.

    Bring your emotions into the picture. An emotive statement makes you feel something. It might be:

    • A direct emotional statement, using a specific word to describe your emotion, such as:

      I am delighted that ...

    Or your statement may make you feel good by indirectly speak to your emotions, such as:

    • "Every day in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger." Tony Robbins
    • I deeply and completely accept myself. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  3. You can bring your senses more into the picture by using sensory language, metaphors, and visualization techniques. Through these methods you are calling your imagination to activate and visualize the scene through sight, sound, and touch as well as thinking. A few ways you can accomplish this include:

    Incorporate sensory language and metaphor examples into your affirmations. All of the statements; I feel, I think, I see, and I know, do call your senses to action. Others include:

    • I imagine
    • I envision
    • I hear
  4. Find or create an image that sets the scene of your affirmation. The picture will typify and enhance your empowering belief. An affirmation for you being at peace may have a photo of you meditating at the beach, absolutely free of worries. Look at this as you are affirming the statement.

    Daily repetition of affirmations is a great way to practice your new empowering beliefs, instill positive self talk and retrain your neural pathways. Plan how to best use your positive personal affirmations, so they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Here are a few ideas:

    • If you keep a journal, start a page specifically for your personal affirmations. Read it over daily, savoring each one.
    • If you use a computer desktop day-timer like I do, you can schedule affirmations to repeat at various intervals, such as once a week. One I just put in is:

      • "I recognize that each challenge sent my way has an enlightening gift of wisdom attached to it."
    • You can print your affirmations out on stickers, and post them throughout your environment so you come across them every day. Some handy locations include:

      • Inside your closet doors
      • On your car sun visor
      • In your wallet or purse
      • On your calender
    • Write up your affirmations on one side of a 3x5 index card, and put relevant images on the other side. You might even get a little box for your cards and decorate it with inspiring images. Flip through your cards once or twice a day, enjoying the images and repeating your affirmations.

      This one is fun... record an audio of yourself saying your affirmations and listen to it a couple of times a day. Excellent times to enjoy your positive punch are first thing in the morning, and as you are falling asleep. It's said that during this transition time between being awake and asleep your subconscious mind is particularly receptive to information.

      Creating 'dream' boards or scrapbooks, 'affirmation' boards, or audio visuals to play on your computer, are all great variations for affirming empowering beliefs. This form of delivery definitely encourages all of your senses to participate in painting the picture of your fulfillment.

Creating positive personal affirmations is an incredibly meaningful process. By simply uncovering the empowering beliefs truly pertinent to you, you have acknowledged and planted the seeds necessary for making constructive change in your life.

Compound the affect of this new knowledge with action: State your affirmations, and then repeat them frequently. You will soon notice the positive transitions taking place in your life.

Finally, remember to say thank you as you recognize and take these steps forward in your personal development. And feel the wonderful appreciation that goes with that! Thank yourself, as well as others and the life inspiration flowing through you, for helping you grow in awareness and fulfillment.

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Tiyahmiah said: Thy will be done this day. Today is a day of completion. I give thanks for a perfect day. Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease!

Mariana said: I live my birth-given gift of expressing my heart's desires.

bambang said: I know the right decision.

Ron said: I am capable of attracting Love in my life!!

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