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Personal Core Values Are The Foundation of Self Expression

Now is the time to ask if your personal core values are finding the expression in your life that supports your personal leadership development. They are potent reserves for a rich and rewarding life.

Whatever values and beliefs you 'settle for', create your self expression and life picture. What you hold up to support on the inside, you express like a mirror image in the physical world on the outside.

Deciding to endorse your highest personal core values is likely the most important step in personal values development. When you act with integrity, and your priorities are inline with your highest values and positive beliefs, you are truly boosting self esteem and well on your way to implementing your keys to happiness.

Core Values

Personal core values are at the very core of your being. They are the values you hold closest to your heart, the values that resonate most completely with your soul. Think of the core of an apple. It is within the core, in the center where the seeds of it's life potential are held. It's the same with you.

Clarifying, and expressing your life in alignment with these core values is a primary step in knowing how to be happy.

It is also fundamental to enjoying high self esteem and self empowerment.

If you are not living in line with values nearest and dearest to you, it is important to discover this and address it. Settling for values that are 'handy' or that seem to 'work for others', are a bit like settling for the good looks of an apple's skin.

Green AppleWe may be painting a picture that looks like an apple, but it only has the appearance.

The look and feel of the apple skin does not offer the potency, true wealth and fulfillment potential held in the seeds within the core!

By delving beneath the surface, you discover your own personal core values, and the power of setting and achieving goals true to your heart then becomes apparent.

Strongly held beliefs, whether at the conscious level, or buried within subconscious power are dominant contributors to self fulfillment. It is important to recognize the beliefs that you are endorsing and giving power to run your life.

Take advantage of the free eCourse helping you discover what beliefs really are. The degree of their power and how they impact your life is astonishing. Learn to align beliefs to work in harmony with your core values.

Identifying Personal Core Values and Beliefs

These exercises give you a framework for identifying your personal core values and closely held beliefs, and assessing whether they are working with you towards setting and achieving goals that align with your highest dreams.

  1. Personal Core Values
  2. To get the benefit from this exercise, don't skip ahead. Read the first step and do it before going on to read the next step and doing it, etc.

    1. List 10-20 values that are most important for what you are now achieving in your life. You don't have to think about this too much. It is usually fairly accurate to quickly write down the values that come into your mind when you think about what you are aiming to achieve, and the values you are holding behind that.

    2. Rank those values in order of their importance for your present aims.

    3. Now think of some people whom you greatly admire for their life achievements. (ex. Family member, Teacher, Coach, Oprah, Anthony Robbins, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa). Select one of these people that you admire, and think about what they have achieved in their lives, what it has given to them, and who it has benefited.

    4. Thinking about that one person that you greatly admire, consider what they have had to do to achieve what they have. List the 10-20 values that you imagine have been important to this person in order to have achieved everything they have.

    5. Now think about what the perfect life of your dreams looks like. What kind of person would you be, what would you be doing as you were living your highest vision?

    6. Lastly, list the 10-20 values you think would be important to you to achieve that highest vision for yourself. Number these values in order of importance.

      Reflect on these personal core values closest to your highest hopes and dreams. Compare the differences to the values you listed in step 1. This gives you great food for thought as to how you can bring your life into better alignment between your inner desires, your actions, and outcomes.

    I experienced an excellent variation of this exercise at a self discovery weekend hosted by the Christopher Howard organization. (free personal development seminar offer). I found it extremely enlightening, and realized that I hadn't been living in line with my personal core values. They were fine values that I had been upholding, but they were not my potent personal core values.

  3. Fundamental Beliefs About Yourself and Life
    1. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to brainstorm this. Write down as many beliefs as you can in this time frame.
      Some trigger ideas:
      List your beliefs around how you think you perform at work, at home, what is holding you back, what propels you forward, what you think your potential is, what chance of success you have and why or why not. Try to pinpoint at least a few beliefs within these that you believe are holding you back.

    2. You want to support the positive beliefs and positive self talk that you uncover, such as 'I am fundamentally a strong person'. These beliefs work at boosting self esteem, and are well worth noting and repeating to yourself on a daily basis.

    3. Be thankful for recognizing any negative beliefs such as 'I am incapable of achieving the success I desire'. These wear you down and you'll want to change them.

    4. Address the negative beliefs. Ask yourself if you can recall when you adopted that belief. You might even recognize the time, and why it seemed appropriate for that circumstance. Since then, your subconscious decided that it served you in other circumstances as well. Now you may find yourself at the point where it sometimes rules your life.

      Being aware of this is a great first step. Maybe your own awareness of it will let you shift it. For me, I found that addressing it at the level of subconscious programming was the pivotal shift that gave me the results I desired. I highly recommend NLP Neurolinguistic Programming to assist in these shifts. Changing negative beliefs to positive affirmations strongly supports your holistic personal development success.

    5. Ask yourself 'do I believe I have the ability to effect change in my life' or, 'does life happen to me as it likes, no matter what I do'? This is a fundamental belief that will impact the way you conduct your life and ultimately how you feel about yourself and your capacity to change. Get some perspective around this.

      1. Make a list of a number of things that you can control. Of course there are millions, from what you eat for breakfast, to what you think about someone. Pick your top 10.

      2. Make a list of 5 things you are certain you cannot control. For example what the weather will be like tomorrow.

      3. List some things that may seem to be a grey area, uncertain whether you can control them or not. Examples might sound like; I don't think I have any control over whether my telephone rings. Brainstorm these... you might find that if you had called people yesterday, they are more likely to call you today, thereby making your telephone ring.

      4. Develop realistic views of what you can and cannot control. Change the things you can control, and accept the ones you cannot. Gaining more realistic perspective around our control in outcomes can truly assist in boosting self esteem.

    Greater self understanding around personal core values and how to change core beliefs clears the way to access those potent core seeds. As you claim them as your own and incorporate them into your life, powerful alchemy occurs. Your personal mission development blossoms and bears fruit.

    It's as if, in the words of Debra Jones,

    "What you want, wants you."

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