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Personal Development Plan Success

This 4th step of your heroic personal development plan (PDP) equates with the stage of the Hero's Journey that Joseph Campbell called 'the return'. He called it the return because the hero has achieved some sought after goals and is now back into everyday life.

It was in the individual development plan step 3 that you achieved major mid term goals fundamental to your PDP mastery. This, step 4, is now the juncture where personal success or failure is experienced.

You might ask; 'If goals have already been achieved, how can you fail?':

  • What if you never make use of the achievement?
  • What if you don't integrate your new knowledge into your life?

That would be a failure wouldn't it? Yes!

For example:

  1. Perhaps one of your short term goals was to quit smoking. You took the classes, managed to quit smoking... for 2 weeks. Then you started again.
  2. Say your ultimate goal was to write a book. As a short term goal, you took a writing course and passed with honors, but then you never wrote anything.
  3. Maybe your highest vision is to keep people safe on the ocean beaches. You gained a surf lifesaving certificate and then never went near the beach again.

The meaning of success in your personal development plan is when you have attained some of your goals and you integrate those achievements into your life to further you along in your individual development plan.

In the above examples, to succeed you would have:

  1. remained a non smoker
  2. begun writing articles or stories
  3. practiced your newly acquired lifeguarding skills.

Achieving this success requires you to make the effort and create room for the expression of your new skills and knowledge in your daily life. To use your newly developed talents you will be stepping out to do things you have never done before. You will be taking responsibility for some things for the first time and forging a unique path. It will demand fresh courage and strength. Failure at this juncture is common, yet totally unnecessary if you go forward with commitment, dedication and continued focus on your highest vision.

butterflyIf you begin to doubt the value that you can contribute, and the positive affect you can have working for your highest purpose, remember the butterfly. It's said that "a butterfly flapping it's wings in China changes the weather in New York".

This is reminding us that we are all connected, and our impact is often far beyond our comprehension. Every one of our intentions and actions have impact, transforming a little piece of reality somewhere.

(We see living examples of this principle when we embrace our inner hero, set out on our journey of highest purpose, and create our own monomyth life story.)

Practice your new skills, and share your newly acquired knowledge... it will add benefit and certainly take you closer to your personal mastery.

Tips For Your Personal Development Plan Success

Think like your hero:

  • Review daily what you have accomplished, and create positive self talk about your achievements. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself suitable rewards.
  • Look for and schedule opportunities to use your new skills. Give yourself reasons to use them as soon as you've learned them. Don't let them go stale.
  • Remind yourself everyday where you are going... what your ultimate highest vision is that you are heading towards.
  • Continually ask, how would a champion handle this challenge or opportunity?
  • Take another step even if you can't clearly see the next one after that, practice, take another step, practice, and on and on.
  • Cultivate trust and faith in your path and in the universal creative energy, through personal spiritual growth.
  • Recognize that at this point you have achieved the new skills and knowledge necessary to take this step of success with your personal development plan. It is now a decision and commitment for you to make. Success can happen in a moment, the moment you say yes.

Keeping a focus on your ultimate personal development plan outcome helps you to notice people, situations, circumstances and things that will add benefit to your desired path. Life will continuously support you with lessons and opportunities taking you to your dreams... if you will look for it with an eager eye.

Now is the time for you to stand strong and brave and beautifully bring to life the individual talents and awareness that have risen out of your lessons and goal achievement.

This is the hero succeeding.

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