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Personal Development Plan Mastery

Following faithfully in the 4 previous steps of your PDP will bring you to a point of personal development plan mastery.

At this point you will attain the ultimate vision you have been aiming for. Your inner hero has guided you and you've gained valuable skills, knowledge, and insight and put them to work in your life, experiencing success and happiness. You will be celebrating and feeling deep gratitude for your new creation!

This is your opportunity of making the picture of your future even bigger and brighter by sharing on an even grander scale. This step of personal mastery is the application of the hero's gain for the betterment of the world.

Personal Development Plan Mastery Benefits Humanity

It may be that your ultimate contribution to the world is manifest simply by the fact that you are living in line with your truth... your greatest passion and purpose.

The beauty offered to the world by you being true to yourself and sharing it, is not to be underestimated. By shining the light of your greater knowledge and further success experienced at this stage, many will benefit.

You will definitely have more riches to share in many realms, and of course there are numerous opportunities for spreading your power of contribution further, if you wish. Your input and involvement will grow naturally out of your talents, interests, hopes and dreams. With all of our individual diversity, each will spot unique ways and means of assisting the world in achieving a new brightness:

  • Where do you identify the greatest need?
  • What do you believe is the most important aspect to be addressed at present?
  • What is the best way you can see to help?

There is a rich abundance of mastery showing itself these days. Every week I hear of more people contributing to wonderful causes, starting new foundations to teach and aid, volunteering hours and services. It is heartwarming and so very encouraging to see. Some recent examples that have inspired me:

  • Kurek Ashley made a personal commitment to high school students at the Oyler School in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA to send them through a specially designed program and onto university with full scholarships.
  • Bill Gates donated $695-million worth of his shares in Microsoft to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in November 2007. This was part of the $3.3-billion that Mr. and Ms. Gates pledged to the foundation in 2004. (Yes they can afford it, and wouldn't it be great if more of us could do this. Think how much headway we would be making toward helping to create healthy sustainable living throughout the world.)
  • kiva.org is a non-profit online organization that facilitates contribution on a 'lending' framework. It matches willing lenders from all over the world with unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. Loan amounts can start as low as $25 and are typically repaid within a one year time frame.
  • Christopher Howard Events has a mission to assist 5 million people to lead highly successful and fulfilling lives by 2010, through providing them with cutting-edge tools of transformation. They offer hundreds of free personal development seminar tickets with this aim. The three day seminars on offer cover lot's of valuable information, without any charge to you while tickets last. Information on other CH programs is available so those who are interested in more study with them learn about the opportunities.
  • Chris and Janet Attwood of Enlightened Alliances are committed to creating global partnerships where everyone wins. You are invited too!
  • Bill Strickland shares the transformational power of an irrepressible dream. He didn't know the magnitude of what would develop when his vision compelled him to act, but act he did. It is often step by step that miracles unfold. Check out his talk made available from TED.com:

"You must be prepared to act on your dreams,
just in case they do come true."
Bill Strickland

This final stage of our personal development plan manifests through our continual practice of living our knowledge and truth, passion and purpose, and eagerly reaching higher.

In doing so and contributing our gifts, we experience mastery in the dance of life and the ultimate expression of ourselves for the benefit of humanity.

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