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Identifying Your Personal Development Plan Adventure

Identifying the highest vision you hold for your life is the first step of your personal development plan (PDP). Who do you want to be? What do you want to do, and have?

Now is the time to think big! Unleash your imagination and let it run with incredulous possibilities. Allow yourself to consider even the unreasonable and improbable... let yourself play.

You are laying out the canvas and gathering the colors to paint your life.

"Life is either a grand adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller

Nathan Otto and Amber Lupton definitely 'thought big' and let their highest vision shine through. The project they have set into motion is:

Give Peace A Deadline;
What Ordinary People Can Do to Cause World Peace in Five Years

Hearing Your 'Call'

Joseph Campbell outlined this first step of your individual development plan poetically in The Hero's Journey. He recognized that prior to the start of a meaningful undertaking, one must hear 'a call to adventure'.

Your call is apparent once you have found the answers to these important questions:

  • what are you most passionate about doing in life
  • what grand goals do you want to achieve
  • what is your purpose or intention in achieving these particular goals
  • what are your personal core values and how do you prioritize these

Hearing your unique call to adventure correlates with discovering the results of your personal leadership and personal mission development.

Personal Development Plan Commitment

With your adventure identified, you have the choice to accept or decline the opportunity to embark on the journey of your personal development plan. Accepting equates with honoring the greatest wishes of your heart. You will commit yourself to going forward, to moving through barriers and challenges that may appear, in order to achieve those wishes.

By identifying and living in line with your highest personal core values, you will be adding the dynamic fuel of personal meaning and self motivation.

For example:
I was trading stocks solely with the aim to make money. Then I identified that my highest value was to contribute. My purpose... to contribute to awakening the world to our oneness and our grand loving potential.

My highest value and my purpose were calling me out of spending my days with the sole aim of making money. I recognized the opportunity and the call to take on greater responsibility beyond what I was expressing at that point in my life.

The adventure of my individual development plan was going to require me to do things that I had never done before. It meant that I must not confine myself to any specific label that I may have previously limited myself to.

Society offers and condones many neat labels and boxes to fit ourselves into. Setting out on your grandest of all adventures may mean you must look outside parameters such as:

  • The job role you fulfill in society
  • Being simply a conglomeration of your past experiences
  • Your family role
  • What your peers think you 'should do'
  • What your upbringing espoused

The grand opportunity of responsibility for your unique adventure, your very own treasured heart's call, your personal mission...is freely offered to you. You've identified it and It's yours for the taking.

first steps
Running with it requires you to take a step that may well be into new territory.

This step is often further than those who never journey towards fulfilling their highest vision, dare to go. At this early stage it may be difficult to see past your first few steps.


Faith is a welcome companion, and cultivating your personal spiritual growth will fortify you for your travels. Strong self empowerment will also help ensure you have the courage to take the necessary steps.

Others might consider that creating a personal development plan is complete at the end of this step because they have identified where they are going, yet hero's know they are just beginning.

In preparing to transcend former limitations you are taking your first step toward experiencing your full potential.

Next you will identify your challenges, achieve your goals, meet with success, and ultimately live in mastery.

Next Step: PDP Challenges

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