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Personal Spiritual Development Is Your Birthright

The invitation for personal spiritual development and growth has been extended to you. It is irrelevant who you are, where you live, or what you have done... you are invited to live a rich life in spiritual enlightenment.

personal spiritual growthThe spirit requires no qualifications whatsoever ... no matter what you may have heard previously. The only thing that can make you feel like you disqualify, are your own thoughts and beliefs of being disqualified.

The spirit, whether you call it god, source, creative energy or divine love, is everywhere. Everyone of us has this life inspiration flowing through us.

We are all siblings born of this creative force. Not one of us is any 'less' than any other sibling that has ever lived.

However (yes, there is an however :), it seems everyone is welcome to live as they wish, and explore personal spiritual growth as they wish... or not. Just as children grow up and choose independent directions for their lives, you can choose to express yourself independently of your spiritual source. That is, without regard for divine energy.

personal spiritual growthI know I have certainly given it a good try!

Of course, god continues to be the biggest mystery of all mysteries of this incredible life, so it would be pretty silly for anyone to claim that they know everything about the divine!

Fortunately, some light is shed on the unknown by those that have been fostering their personal spiritual development, higher consciousness, and enlightenment.

By sharing their spiritual thoughts, we are better able to follow the spiritual path.

Insights For Personal Spiritual Growth and Development

These insights help us nurture our own spiritual connection, and then... we can decide for ourselves what path we want our personal spiritual development to take. Actually, we must decide for ourselves. We each have an individual spiritual journey. No one else is capable of living and knowing your own spiritual connection to source for you.

Intimately experiencing this spiritual union with the divine is a gift for you... if you want it. It is the way for you to experience the answer to the question, 'what is inner peace?'

  1. Believe that spiritual empowerment is available to you. Believe that it is possible to know and experience your own divinity. Hope is the precursor to belief, so start with hope if that's all that is there.

    "What you think and what you believe is what will come true for you.
    Your thoughts create your life. It's that simple.
    And when we can get that, we can make enormous changes."
    Louise Hay

  2. Spiritual growth rises from a deep and sincere personal desire, a choosing to know god. This unlimited fuel will continue to drive your personal spiritual growth, as long as it is present.

  3. Cultivate your spiritual connection to source. Spend quiet time focusing on just 'you and source'. This might be meditation in spirit, prayer, or quiet time in nature. Ask for guidance, ask for signs, ask for truth. Ask what is intuition, and can it help to guide you. Be grateful for spiritual insights. Appreciate life.

  4. Have faith in the spiritual guidance you receive. The intent behind the guidance is the reflection of the intent you put into your plea. If you do not honor the guidance, it's an opportunity missed. There are always further opportunities... it's a matter of how much you want it now.

  5. The more you heed your spiritual inspiration and encourage your developing intuition, the more you will be given. 'Using' it, strengthens the channel, just like muscles strengthen by exercising them. As we cultivate the truth and bring it into our lives, knowledge and understanding grow.

  6. Ask yourself regularly how the spiritual information, knowledge, insight, interpretation feels to you. Check your body feelings... are you relaxed? What is your gut telling you? What is your heart saying?

  7. Share your intuitive perceptions. It can be valuable to discuss your intuitive insights and personal spiritual development with close friends and fellow travelers on the path of enlightenment. Compare notes. By taking turns focusing and honoring one another's learnings, we enable the ability to not only help, but to learn from one another. Together everyone achieves more.

A rewarding fringe benefit of personal spiritual development is that it fosters clarity for defining your passion and purpose in life, and your personal mission development flourishes in turn.

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