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Personal Values Development Results in True Wealth Creation

How is it that true wealth creation occurs hand in hand with personal values development?

You've probably heard it said that 'money has lost it's value'. So, let's find ways to put value back into it, thereby multiplying the value of your wealth and money.

Creating Wealth that is Sustainable

Jeremy Britton in his book "Who's taking your money, and how to get some of it back" talks about the economy operating like a 'pass the parcel' game. Pass the parcel refers to making money and then spending it on what you want. The person you pay then spends it on what they want, and on and on.

The money/parcel just keeps moving around the circle. Making money and spending money feed one another and the economy grows. In a healthy economy this concept helps in creating wealth for all involved.

We now have a clear indication that the way we have been valuing money does not lend itself to healthy sustainable economic growth. The current economic climate has given rise to the question "What kind of economy are we growing?"

Is it possible that the economy (and world) seems unhealthy because it is not in line with your/our highest values? And is it possible that the economic (and world) health is in line with the values you/we have been spending money on?

If money is not spent in line with core values, then it's less likely that the outcome will be in line with those core values. Make sense?

Imagine being part of the answer for sustainable wealth creation?! You can be by focusing on your personal values development.

Values Clarification

Identifying your personal core values is the first step in practicing personal values development. Once you have clarified and prioritized your values, then you can focus on bringing them to life.

Endorsing your core values when you spend your money is a great next step. It is a sure way to make your money pack a greater value punch, and to help build wealth in a life supporting manner, throughout society.

Let me explain...
You multiply the worth of money by ensuring that the item you buy supports the life sustaining principles of your highest core values.

Everyone knows that if you take take take... it's not sustainable. If you look to give value in every interaction then you are nurturing life. If you aim to spend money on products that take care of the environment and one another, you are practicing sustainable living.

Vote For True Wealth through Wise Spending

What do you spend your money on?

Think of each dollar you spend, as a vote. Are you voting for building real wealth for the world when you exchange money for food, clothing, toys?

It's pretty easy to touch some nerves here. Most people in western society have used products that harm the earth and/or other people either when the products are created or when they are discarded. Whether you're spending your money on gold that is mined in the Congo, or doing your part in shoveling plastic bags into landfills, everyone is involved in the direction our world is going.

It's time for change. Everyday you have an opportunity to help build true wealth by voting for your personal core values with the money you spend.

Where Personal Values Development Takes You

If you are serious about helping true wealth creation in the world, you'll focus on your personal values development both when you are earning as well as when you are spending money.

Think about all the areas you spend, and ask yourself how you can possibly raise the value of your contribution.

Spend Money On

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
  4. Travel
  5. Entertainment
  6. Investments

Adding Value to You, Others, the World?

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  2. *
  3. *
  4. *
  5. *
  6. *

Here's a simple example:If you drink coffee, that's an easy place to start contributing to true sustainable wealth in the world. Switch to organic coffee that is grown in accord with Rainforest Alliance protocol or similar.

Next you might take the step of switching to organic food. This will multiply the value of the money in your pockets and help in true wealth creation for society.

Consider it this way... although you may pay a few more dollars for organic groceries, think about the value you are exchanging your money for:

  • these foods were grown in concert with nature, not fighting it… how much is that worth to your environment?
  • they give you unadulterated vitamins, minerals, sun energy… how much is that worth to your health?
  • organic farmers are known for being in the business because they believe in it, it matters to them. They recognize the value in doing what they are doing... how much is it worth to support people passionate about sustaining your environment?

When you are spending your money, ask... is it good for me, others and the world.

Look for and appreciate the value you are spending your money on. And let's have fun nurturing the true wealth in the world.

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